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Hints At A New Album

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

So it does appear that Beck is hard at work at a new album. A recent Rolling Stone article about Odeluxe mentions that he is recording in L.A. with a producer he declines to name. Beck assured that it will be out this year.

Spin Magazine “reports” in one sentence that Beck is back to work with Nigel Godrich, which sounds possible. But then JMJ, Beck’s bassist/musical director, added to the mystery that Beck is working with someone JMJ set him up with, so I read that as someone new. (“And it’s going well,” he added.)

So… this is a report that there isn’t a lot to report, and what little there is to report isn’t quite solid info. I feel like a real member of the media.

Odeluxe vs. Odelay

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Newt’s last post is about the releases of Odeluxe, but I want to make a note about the music. It appears upon first early listens, that there’s various changes to a lot of the songs… which could just be a trick of remastering, or real additions, I’m not sure yet. For instance the vocals on “Hotwax” appear to be have another vocal, and I think there may be a more prominent keyboard line on “Novacane,” and that a few songs have slightly longer/different endings. Little stuff like that. Some close comparisons to the original version and the Deluxe version are necessary, and I definitely will try to do that. But help is needed, there’s a thread over on about some of the differences, but if anyone notices anything on the Deluxe version that sounds funny/new/differently-mixed, feel free to post here in the comments, on Stewoo, or email so we can start figuring out all exactly what Beck did to his masterpiece. :)

Also apparently Spin Magazine has a short sentence in it saying that Beck and Nigel Godrich are back working on the next album… dunno if that’s just a rumor or not, but there it is. Good news, that.

List Of Things (this may take me awhile to do, but I’ll keep it here for now.)

1. Devils Haircut – I noticed no difference between Odelay and Odeluxe.
2. Hotwax – Deluxe version has what sounds like an extra vocal track during the verses.
3. Lord Only Knows – I think the versions are exactly the same, if anything there might be some remastering making some things (bass, percussion) a little clearer.
4. The New Pollution -  identical. (tho a commenter below noted the intros sounding different, I don’t hear anything.  can anyone get more specific?)

new beck demos surface

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

Our good friend Kristofer has recently acquired some previously-unknown Beck demos! Yeah! These are four-track tapes that are possibly – and this is Kristofer’s belief – the original tapes Beck recorded onto. They feature a number of songs that we’ve come to associate with the 1992 Demo and Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape, which appear to be compilations of this and other material (kind of like Fresh Meat & Old Slabs).

The first tape is labeled Are ??? U Positive. There’s a pic below – can anybody figure out what the mystery word is? Kristofer suggests “feeling”, as in “are you feeling positive”. What do you guys think?

Are ???? U Positive 1Are ???? U Positive 2


  1. Are You Postive
  2. I’ve Just Seen a Facelift
  3. Trash Can
  4. Mmmmmmmmmm
  5. Fuck You Up & Get High
  6. Tough Fuckin Shit

The second tape is labeled R-Marcel or R-Maxcel or B-Marcel or B-Maxcel or something like that. Any suggestions on this one?

R-Maxcel 1R-Maxcel 2


  1. Satan Was Way Cool
  2. Don’t Believe the Joke They Put on You
  3. In This World
  4. A Man Named Will
  5. Whiskey Be Your Lover
  6. Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape

Some other notes about the tapes:

  • They seem to be from 1992, though R-Marcel or whatever might be from eariler.
  • Both sleeves feature pictures of a young Beck. Are You Positive‘s sleeve is regular paper, R-Marcel‘s is regular paper covered in tape.
  • It’s unclear at this point whether these songs are the exact same versions that we already have from other tapes. Kristofer will confirm shortly after the holidays.
  • Kristofer will eventually share these on the hub, once he’s able to digitize them.

Post your questions, comments and suggestions and we’ll try to get everything answered!

tour/new album update from JMJ

Friday, April 27th, 2007

JMJ has posted a new blog on his MySpace and his web site. Of note for Beck fans:

Just back from Beck Japan/Australia run, probably the final leg of touring in support of “The Information”. It was pretty fantastic. Lots of rocking, good meals, riding bikes, seeing temples, shaking hands, taking photos, going to clubs, and long flights. Got some super cute and bizarre presents for my Zelly. Good to be home, but it’s always sad to me to put the final button on an album cycle. I always wish there was more….

Starting on new Beck album in fairly short order…in fact, I’d say we’ve actually already begun a while ago.

There’s more there, so go read the whole thing.

Bonus link: Brian Lebarton has been putting up a ton of awesome pics at his Flickr page.

Beck Experiments In The Studio (For New Album?)

Friday, April 13th, 2007

Got a newsletter from Beck’s old keyboardist, Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Manthing / Malibu / Shotgun), via his website.  He mentioned some very cool recordings he did with Beck, co-starring Roger’s Jellyfish bandmate, Jason Falkner (who is on Sea Change and Info) and a few others.  Here’s what he wrote:

The most recent and biggest surprise of late was getting a call from Beck recently to help do some “direct to disc” recording. Those invited to help out were, Justin, Jason Falkner and special guests Jamie Lidell and Mocky. Direct to disc recording involves all of the musicians performing simultaneously (no overdubbing) live in a studio environment. The audio signal is then sent to an antiquated machine that literally cuts the signal onto vinyl instantly there on the spot. The objective being and incredibly enhanced recording signal and sound quality not to mention the “live” element of the performance being captured. In other words, no second takes for the musicians. Get it right and get it right now! Needless to say this was a new and exhilarating challenge that we all welcomed. It really forced some interesting spontaneity to emerge from this great ensemble of musicians. No word yet as to how Beck plans on using the material garnered from these dates.

In another recent interview while in Australia, it was reported that Beck “shelved his idea of an album of two-minute pop songs to highlight society’s ever-dwindling attention span for a project of “more inconvenience”.” Beck explained, “It’s almost a reaction against everything having to be so pocket-sized, quick and easy and downloadable.  It makes me want to make something that doesn’t fit in through the front door, that you have to break a wall to get into the house.”

But then, Beck also told the Japan Times he wanted to do a Elliott-Smith-style-acoustic album too.

Can I Get A Little Echo On This? Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Beck played last night at The Echo in Echo Park, CA.  It was a short show, just a spontaneously announced warm-up show before heading off to Australia and Japan for a short leg of the tour.  The band was having fun, as they tried some slower tunes (“Lonesome Tears” and “Movie Theme”) among the fun stuff (“Cellphone’s Dead,” “Lord Only Knows,” “Nausea”). 

Otherwise, don’t forget, there’s the giant CD boxset of Beck’s singles being released in early April (see below).  Apparently, Odelay Deluxe is still on for then too (I’ll believe that when it’s in my hands). 

Reportedly Beck’s been recording informally, and recently told a Japanese paper he wanted to put out another acoustic record (but as usual with Beck, don’t count on statements like that).

If you’re in Australia or Japan and going to one of the shows, e-mail us setlists or pics or info, or if you can keep us up-to-date on any interviews or radio appearences or anything like that, we’d love to hear from you: computergirls at

When The Information Comes, We’ll Know What We’re Made From

Sunday, October 1st, 2006

So it’s Information Week around the world.. if Beck’s new album isn’t out where you are already, it should be really soon. Nothing as fun as when a new album gets released. There’s 15 tracks on it, and depending on where you are, any number of the three bonus tracks (“Inside Out,” “Oh Menina,” and “This Girl That I Know”). Each CD comes with a DVD full of homemade videos for each song. The CD also comes with one of four sticker sets, with which you can make your own cover. Enjoy! If you want to mail a picture of your covers to this site, I guess they’ll be displayed. It seems like “Cell Phone’s Dead” and “Nausea” are going to be singles, but to what extent, I’m not sure (“real” videos were made for both) (fingers crossed for b-sides).
The band is doing a short US tour this month, with the idea of a fuller tour a bit later on. Go see them, they’re an energetic, fun, and tight band. I saw them last week and had a blast.

Looking to the future.. there obviously isn’t much talk about that yet. Beck was asked in a recent podcast/interview about that, and it sounds like he’ll be working Information for a bit.

Comin’ at you 1000 beats per minute

Saturday, September 9th, 2006

Sorry for the lack of updates.  Not that there hasn’t been anything going on.. there sure has!  And we’ve been working on different things for the site too.
The way Beck has been leaking out The Information has been really interesting.  He’s been putting up one or two songs at a time as a stream on, rotating new stuff in and out.  Also, since the album will come with a disc of lo-fi homemade videos for every song, these videos have been showing up one by one on, YouTube, etc.

At the moment this is what’s come out:

1. Elevator Music [Beck put the video on]
2. Think I’m In Love [Beck put the video on Youtube]
3. Cell Phone’s Dead [Beck put the song on]
4. Strange Apparition [Beck put the video on]
5. Soldier Jane [we only have live versions of this]
6. Nausea [buy the single at iTunes]
7. New Round [we only have a short snippet from a video sampler]
8. Dark Star [Beck put the video on his myspace page]
9. We Dance Alone [this was put on]
10. No Complaints [only a short snippet, though there is a live version around]
11. 1000 BPM [Beck put the video on; and plays the studio track during his concerts]
12. Motorcade [both the track and the video were put on]
13. The Information [only have live versions]
14. Movie Theme [only have the video snippet, but there are a couple of live versions]
15. Horrible Fanfare / Landslide / Exoskeleton [Beck has played Landslide live, but that’s all we know of this]

The album is still out on October 3… not long now!

Looks like there will be some promotional tour dates later this fall (only a few have been announced so far in California).

Also, sorry if any Paper Tiger comments got lost… we get lots of Spam comments and I may have missed approving some in mass deleting the Spam.  Sorry if that happened.

The Information Information

Saturday, August 12th, 2006


1. Elevator Music

2. Think I’m In Love

3. Cell Phone’s Dead

4. Nausea

5. Soldier Jane

6. Strange Apparition

7. Dark Star

8. Movie Theme

9. We Dance Alone

10. No Complaints

11. 1000 BPM

12. Motorcade

13. The Information

14. New Round

15. Horrible Fanfare / Landslide / Exoskeleton

The Information

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Beck’s new album is to be called The Information. It is set to released on October 2.

We don’t have a full track list for the album yet, but this is what we know:

1. “Cell Phone’s Dead” – first single, video by Michel Gondry

2. “Think I’m In Love” – a lo-fi video directed by Beck and Nigel Godrich popped up on youtube and shortly

3. “Nausea” – Beck gave the song to some skateboarding documentary to use in their trailer, a real video is coming too

4. “The Information” – since this is the name of the album, I guess that increases the chance it will be on the album (though it’s certainly possible it won’t be)

5. “Movie Theme” – Beck said on stage in June this was “from the new album,” for what that’s worth

6. “Soldier Jane” – same as #5

Those are closest things we have to certain guesses so far, I think. All the other songs he’s played live which he could choose from to end up on the album are “1000 BPM,” “Elevator Music,” “Time Bomb,” and “Landslide.” He could also reach back to his 2005 songs like “One, Two,” “Remain In The Dark,” or “We Dance Alone.” Beck also mentioned “The Girl From RIP-anema” as being from the album, but he said it so long ago and we haven’t heard of it again.

UPDATE: I wrote some of that too soon.  MTV has an article which indicates that videos are about for “1000 BPM,” “Movie Theme,” “That Girl,” and “No Complaints” and one with an unknown title.  So I guess add those to the list above?

UPDATE 2: Ghost meant “This Girl”, not “That Girl”. Also and Beck’s MySpace both now have the video for “We Dance Alone”, so I guess that’s on there too. Still haven’t found the ones mentioned in the MTV article, though…