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Saturday, January 28th, 2006

ITunes has a new 30-minute free interview about Guerolito. It consists of a series of interviews with different remixers who were involved with the release (Mario C, Doseone from Subtle, etc.).

This is the link to the US ITunes store if you would like to download it. If you’re in another country, just do a search. It is pretty interesting, and gives history to how Beck found remixers, how they were inspired to remix, how they went about remixing, etc.

– Ghost

The Birds Are Insane, Flapping All About

Thursday, January 26th, 2006

So, I thought I’d try to sum up for everyone what we know to expect from Beck over the next little while.  Keep in mind, I only know what I read and hear, and Beck’s whims are subject to change (and expect them to!). 

As usual, as Guero played out, there was talk of other albums in the queue.  The one that sounds the most finished, the most likely to be released, is an apparent third album recorded with Nigel Godrich (producer of Mutations and Sea Change).  The old version of mentioned that a few of the songs Beck played live last February, but were not on Guero, were recorded for this album: the very hiphoppy “One, Two” and “Knock Out.”  You can read more of this at the Diskolito.  Also keep in mind, Nigel did that kick-ass “Christian Dior Theme” with Beck too.  So it does not appear that Beck & Nigel are doing the folky thing together anymore!  As Diskolito notes, it’s more of a band record than Guero was too.  Brian LeBarton, Beck’s keyboardist, mentioned on his website in August 2005 that he had recorded with Beck and Nigel.  So it sounds like this project was stretched out over at least the first half of 2005 (when Beck wasn’t touring).  I would hope this finds its way to release in 2006.

More recently, in November and December of 2005, Beck seems to have gone back into the studio for some fun.  Brian LeBarton again posted before they started that it was going to be “fun-filled experimentation” with I’m assuming was the rest of the live band.  Beck’s old friend and bassist and musical director, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, though was also involved according to his website for at least a week of recording in December.  Justin described the sessions as “random stuff,” with lots of “style hopping and ludicrous enthusiasm.”  What more could we want?  As Brian called it, they did some “mad crazy recording.”  Some of this ended up on (“Sorrow,” “Day For Night,” “Untitled Song 2,” “Premonition” and the Nick Drake covers), but there is also “some other top secret shit that is just amazing and will in one form another hopefully come upon your ears at some point.”

So I think we’ve got very likely two possibilities leading the way: a Nigel Godrich record and this “top secret shit.”  I do not really expect any more Guero singles… so bring some new albums on!

Also, at the moment, there’s some rumors of a spring tour in the US, but that’s all they are right now.  We should know soon about that.

– Vin (Ghost)

Jingling A Wish Coin

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

I thought for my first real post here, I’d point you to a tidier list of all the Guero remixes that I have made.  I posted it last month over on Becktabs here.  There are around 30 remixes total; if you thought Guerolito was all, it is not even close!  I have never been a huge fan of the remix, and I almost never listen to any of the ones from Odelay.  However, I’ve found myself digging more than a few of the Guero remixes.

As Dave noticed to me the other day, Beck has not released an actual b-side on a single since Midnite Vultures.  Collecting is b-sides was always so much fun for the crazy experimenting like “Spanking Room” or “.000.000” or the super fun like “In A Cold Ass Fashion” or “Diskobox” to the downright brilliant like “Feather In Your Cap” or “Brother.”  So why has it been so long?  Beck always mentions he is recording for other albums, and perhaps now a lot that would or should be a b-side gets shelved for possible future inclusion on an album.  I hope not though because all those albums in Beck’s head… never get made!  Artists like Beck maybe don’t get to put out as many singles; we were spoiled by the insane success of Odelay which allowed there to be so many single releases.  Fortunately, maybe this is what will be used for more regularly from now on, and Beck is just changing the way he gets the tracks to us?


and I wanted to be your good friend

Friday, January 20th, 2006

I would like to extend my welcome as well. Although I expect to be posting on here less often than Ghost, I still think I’ll have some interesting things to share with you.


Torn Apart By Idle Hands

Thursday, January 19th, 2006

Hello. This is the new portion of the Whiskeyclone network, Paper Tiger. It, as you can tell, is a blog. We’ll use to it keep you up-to-date on updates to the website, mainly Almost A Ghost and Hijacked Flavors. Also, there will be Beck-related thoughts and links and music and whatnot. I do not anticipate acting like a “news” person, but naturally I will talk about important things or whatever interests me; for more comprehensive Beck news, try or the forums at or

I like to think that a blog is a natural extension for the site; my updates page on Ghost was semi-blog-like long before there was a Blogosphere. I enjoy writing and thinking about Beck’s music and goings-on and this seemed a good way to do that, keep people informed, and follow Beck. Thanks for reading…

– AlmostAGhost