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Song Reader – sort of a new Beck album soon!

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

So, and McSweeney’s just announced this morning Beck’s new album.

And while it is a new album: there’s no Beck on it. That is, the whole thing is being released as sheet music, so that the “listener” can create their own songs. 20 brand new Beck songs given to us, without any music/recordings by Beck. I’m still getting my head around this idea, and I’m sure more will become clear as we go. (Though it is probably a good bet that Beck will drop some of his versions at some point somewhere.)

But for me, as a Beck fan, who lacks in music ability, I may be slightly out of luck here. But I do look forward to hearing different people attempt to do their versions of these songs. To that end, I created a tumblr here:

For which I can host/stream all the Song Readers out there who create their own cover versions. Hopefully it can be a nice place for people to hear this stuff. (This is also can be used for your versions of the 3 video game songs if anyone wants to email those in: ).

I think this could be fun, and hopefully a lot of musicians participate, from lo-fi amateur to famous to different genres to huge fans to whoever.

More to come…