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new Bowie boxset = mysterious third remix?

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

As many of you might know, Beck remixed David Bowie’s song “Seven” a few years ago. As fewer of you might know, there were actually two separate Beck remixes of this that were released (eventually). As even fewer of you might know, Beck actually made three remixes but the third and final one has never been released except on internal record company promos and test CDs. Until now?

This coming Tuesday Columbia Records is releasing a ten-CD box set of David Bowie’s more adventurous work, expanding each of his recent Outside, Earthling, Hours, Heathen, and Reality albums with a second disc. More than 60 remixes and alternative versions pad the set, highlighted by his work with Trent Reznor, Beck and Moby.

Obviously this does not mention which Beck remix(es) will be included, but here’s hoping we finally get to hear that third remix.


UPDATE: No such luck, it just has the two that have already been released. Tracklist at Amazon.