Comin’ at you 1000 beats per minute

Sorry for the lack of updates.  Not that there hasn’t been anything going on.. there sure has!  And we’ve been working on different things for the site too.
The way Beck has been leaking out The Information has been really interesting.  He’s been putting up one or two songs at a time as a stream on, rotating new stuff in and out.  Also, since the album will come with a disc of lo-fi homemade videos for every song, these videos have been showing up one by one on, YouTube, etc.

At the moment this is what’s come out:

1. Elevator Music [Beck put the video on]
2. Think I’m In Love [Beck put the video on Youtube]
3. Cell Phone’s Dead [Beck put the song on]
4. Strange Apparition [Beck put the video on]
5. Soldier Jane [we only have live versions of this]
6. Nausea [buy the single at iTunes]
7. New Round [we only have a short snippet from a video sampler]
8. Dark Star [Beck put the video on his myspace page]
9. We Dance Alone [this was put on]
10. No Complaints [only a short snippet, though there is a live version around]
11. 1000 BPM [Beck put the video on; and plays the studio track during his concerts]
12. Motorcade [both the track and the video were put on]
13. The Information [only have live versions]
14. Movie Theme [only have the video snippet, but there are a couple of live versions]
15. Horrible Fanfare / Landslide / Exoskeleton [Beck has played Landslide live, but that’s all we know of this]

The album is still out on October 3… not long now!

Looks like there will be some promotional tour dates later this fall (only a few have been announced so far in California).

Also, sorry if any Paper Tiger comments got lost… we get lots of Spam comments and I may have missed approving some in mass deleting the Spam.  Sorry if that happened.

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  1. leaflet says:

    I need to chx my rss feed more often, thx fellas your the beast

  2. Kennedy says:

    Check out this interview with Beck on mtvU:

    You can also check out his live performance at the Woodies on 11/2:

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