Can I Get A Little Echo On This? Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy

Beck played last night at The Echo in Echo Park, CA.  It was a short show, just a spontaneously announced warm-up show before heading off to Australia and Japan for a short leg of the tour.  The band was having fun, as they tried some slower tunes (“Lonesome Tears” and “Movie Theme”) among the fun stuff (“Cellphone’s Dead,” “Lord Only Knows,” “Nausea”). 

Otherwise, don’t forget, there’s the giant CD boxset of Beck’s singles being released in early April (see below).  Apparently, Odelay Deluxe is still on for then too (I’ll believe that when it’s in my hands). 

Reportedly Beck’s been recording informally, and recently told a Japanese paper he wanted to put out another acoustic record (but as usual with Beck, don’t count on statements like that).

If you’re in Australia or Japan and going to one of the shows, e-mail us setlists or pics or info, or if you can keep us up-to-date on any interviews or radio appearences or anything like that, we’d love to hear from you: computergirls at

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  1. Newtron Bomb says:

    And people going to the Japanese shows – don’t forget to pick up your super sweet limited edition Beck sketchels being sold at the show!

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