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We Got A Red Alert

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

An unofficial homemade video for “Timebomb” is here:

It’s brilliant fun, and definitely one of the best Beck videos out there. Take that, Michel Gondry and your fancy camera angles.

It was made by Hambeck, a Japanese fan for which we link to his her Beck blog over there —->

Great job man sistah!

Beck on new SNL CD

Friday, September 7th, 2007

Beck’s performance of ‘Nausea’ on SNL is going to be on a new CD. The disc, Live From SNL! Performances From Saturday Night Live is going on sale Sept. 9, exclusively at Target.

Two things bother me about this. First, September 9 is a crazy-ass date to release a CD; they normally come out on Tuesdays in North America. Second, ‘Clap Hands’ from the same show was way awesomer! That’s what should have been included, screw Nausea’.

I also heard recently about some new SNL music DVD, but I’m too lazy to look for that right now. Anybody else hear about this? Is Beck on it?


  1. Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend
  2. Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone
  3. Foo Fighters – Best Of You
  4. Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
  5. P!nk – Trouble
  6. Beck – Nausea
  7. Dave Matthews – Save Me
  8. The Shins – Phantom Limb
  9. The Strokes – You Only Live Once
  10. Maroon 5 – Harder To Breathe
  11. Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out

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