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When The Information Comes, We’ll Know What We’re Made From

Sunday, October 1st, 2006

So it’s Information Week around the world.. if Beck’s new album isn’t out where you are already, it should be really soon. Nothing as fun as when a new album gets released. There’s 15 tracks on it, and depending on where you are, any number of the three bonus tracks (“Inside Out,” “Oh Menina,” and “This Girl That I Know”). Each CD comes with a DVD full of homemade videos for each song. The CD also comes with one of four sticker sets, with which you can make your own cover. Enjoy! If you want to mail a picture of your covers to this site, I guess they’ll be displayed. It seems like “Cell Phone’s Dead” and “Nausea” are going to be singles, but to what extent, I’m not sure (“real” videos were made for both) (fingers crossed for b-sides).
The band is doing a short US tour this month, with the idea of a fuller tour a bit later on. Go see them, they’re an energetic, fun, and tight band. I saw them last week and had a blast.

Looking to the future.. there obviously isn’t much talk about that yet. Beck was asked in a recent podcast/interview about that, and it sounds like he’ll be working Information for a bit.