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OneFooteluxe Track Listing

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

1 He’s A Mighty Good Leader
2 Sleeping Bag
3 I Get Lonesome
4 Burnt Orange Peel
5 Cyanide Breath Mint
6 See Water
7 Ziplock Bag
8 Hollow Log
9 Forcefield
10 Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods
11 Asshole
12 I’ve Seen The Land Beyond
13 Outcome
14 Girl Dreams
15 Painted Eyelids
16 Atmospheric Conditions
17 It’s All In Your Mind (Bonus Track)
18 Whiskey Can Can (Bonus Track)
19 Mattress (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
20 Woe Unto Me (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
21 Teenage Wastebasket (Acoustic) (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
22 Favorite Nerve (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
23 Piss On The Floor (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
24 Your Love Is Weird (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
25 Close To God (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
26 Sweet Satan (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
27 Blake Lake Morning (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
28 Axe Ex (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
29 Teenage Wastebasket (Electric) (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
30 One Foot In The Grave (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
31 Feather In Your Cap (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
32 I Get Lonesome (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)

Don’t quite know what to make of this as yet… new version of “One Foot” the song? “Close To God” was previously released… “Teenage Wastebasket”! This is gonna rock!

Japan Tour

Monday, March 16th, 2009

So Beck is off to Japan, and starting a short tour there this week. For anyone in Japan, please let us know of setlists or interviews or if OneFoot Deluxe has been released yet or what. Or even better, if you record a show, let us know:

Thanks! Japan tours are always so great, Beck’s inspired and the concerts are topnotch. Help us follow what he’s doing over there.

UPDATE: Thanks to Ham’s Japan Beck Blog, there’s news of this. Beck’s band has their own gig lined up! Wounded Cougar Part 2, perhaps?

Beck Warm-Up Show/Benefit on March 11

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Beck is playing a benefit show at The Echo on March 11, benefitting Educating Children International.   I assume it is also to warm-up for the upcoming Japanese tour. Tickets at if you’re in the Los Angeles area.