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The Information Information

Saturday, August 12th, 2006


1. Elevator Music

2. Think I’m In Love

3. Cell Phone’s Dead

4. Nausea

5. Soldier Jane

6. Strange Apparition

7. Dark Star

8. Movie Theme

9. We Dance Alone

10. No Complaints

11. 1000 BPM

12. Motorcade

13. The Information

14. New Round

15. Horrible Fanfare / Landslide / Exoskeleton

The Information

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Beck’s new album is to be called The Information. It is set to released on October 2.

We don’t have a full track list for the album yet, but this is what we know:

1. “Cell Phone’s Dead” – first single, video by Michel Gondry

2. “Think I’m In Love” – a lo-fi video directed by Beck and Nigel Godrich popped up on youtube and shortly

3. “Nausea” – Beck gave the song to some skateboarding documentary to use in their trailer, a real video is coming too

4. “The Information” – since this is the name of the album, I guess that increases the chance it will be on the album (though it’s certainly possible it won’t be)

5. “Movie Theme” – Beck said on stage in June this was “from the new album,” for what that’s worth

6. “Soldier Jane” – same as #5

Those are closest things we have to certain guesses so far, I think. All the other songs he’s played live which he could choose from to end up on the album are “1000 BPM,” “Elevator Music,” “Time Bomb,” and “Landslide.” He could also reach back to his 2005 songs like “One, Two,” “Remain In The Dark,” or “We Dance Alone.” Beck also mentioned “The Girl From RIP-anema” as being from the album, but he said it so long ago and we haven’t heard of it again.

UPDATE: I wrote some of that too soon.  MTV has an article which indicates that videos are about for “1000 BPM,” “Movie Theme,” “That Girl,” and “No Complaints” and one with an unknown title.  So I guess add those to the list above?

UPDATE 2: Ghost meant “This Girl”, not “That Girl”. Also and Beck’s MySpace both now have the video for “We Dance Alone”, so I guess that’s on there too. Still haven’t found the ones mentioned in the MTV article, though…