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Buenos Aires DAY 2 (12/2/2007)

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Again from JMJ, the setlist (songs with links are to youtube videos that have surfaced) for DAY 2 opening for The Police in Buenos Aires :

01. Devils Haircut
02. Black Tambourine
03. Think I’m In Love
04. The New Pollution
05. Fuckin’ With My Head
06. Sunday Sun
07. Paper Tiger
08. Lost Cause
09. Soldier Jane
10. Girl
11. Where It’s At
12. Nausea
13. Minus
14. Loser
15. E-Pro

*Video quality on the youtube videos is not all that great and camera kinda goes everywhere, so frxz who get motion sick watch out. hehe. Sound quality is pretty decent, however.

Buenos Aires DAY 1 (12/1/2007)

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Here’s the setlist (songs with links point to youtube videos of the performances) posted on by none other than JMJ himself. Looks as if the Echoplex was indeed a warm-up and the setlist here is pretty similar.

Devil’s haircut
Black Tambourine
Think I’m in Love
New Pollution
Fuckin’ with my head
Sunday Sun
Paper Tiger
Soldier Jane
Where It’s At

Some comments regarding the show from JMJ as found on

“Oh yeah – the gig? It was fun. Getting our sea legs for the stadiums. I think we rocked, we’ll see what the press says, since their words obviously mean a lot more than what I have to say. Had a great time tho, seriously.”

Night Flight To Rio

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Beck is reportedly opening for The Police on their South American tour this December.  All the reports I’ve seen are in Spanish, and I don’t know Spanish.  But some quick Google searches seem to say that Beck is involved at both shows in Argentina (Dec 1 & 2) and the show in Chile (Dec 5).  I’d assume also the show in Rio on Dec. 8 for now.

Will Beck play “Tropicalia,” “Deadweight,” and “Missing” all back to back?  I hope so!


Again, I don’t know Spanish, but from what I understand some fans in Chile have started a petition to get Beck to do a solo show separate from The Police while there. Go here if you want to sign: