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Beck Summer 2008 Tour

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

So far, a few festivals and a few regular shows have been announced.

Beck is beginning by hitting the Europe:

June 25, 2008: Beck is at the Hove Festival in Arendal, Norway
June 27, 2008: Beck will be at Columbiahalle in Berlin, Germany
June 28, 2008: Beck is playing the Open Air Festival in Switzerland
June 30, 2008: Beck will be at the Melkweg in Amsterdam
July 1, 2008: Beck solo show in Southampton, England
July 2, 2008: Beck solo show in Manchester, England
July 4, 2008: Beck will be at the Wireless Festival in London
July 6, 2008: Beck is playing the 4th day of the Werchter Festival
July 7, 2008: Beck show at the Olympia in Paris, France
July 9, 2008: Beck is doing a show at La Riviera in Madrid, Spain

then Beck appears to be hitting up the US:

those so far:

Aug 22 – 24 San Francisco, Outside Lands Festival
Aug 30 Seattle, Bumbershoot Festival
Sept 20 Hollywood Bowl – with Spoon and MGMT
Sept 27 Austin, TX – ACL Fest

stay tuned for more… keep an eye here (i’ll edit this post) or over on Hijacked Flavors…

update : added some more Euro dates, and the latter 3 US dates

go to for ticket info

Danger Mouse to produce new Beck albim

Friday, March 7th, 2008

According to HARP Magazine and confirmed by Brian Lebarton and JMJ, Danger Mouse will be producing Beck’s new album.

Brian @ stewoo:

Was waiting for you all to find out already!!! I was seriously beginning to doubt your detective work…

Some of us popped in at different times, don’t know exactly who. I was there for two fun filled days. Picture a supergroup album of Yanni, John Tesh, Michael Bolton, Kenny G, Phil Collins, David Hasselhof and Donny Osmond and you can kind of get an idea of what the record won’t sound like.

JMJ @ stewoo:

Boo-yah. There it is.

I think it’s gonna be a sick record. Danger is really enjoying working with B. And yes, my connection is that I was the musical director for Gnarls Barkley; I put that band together and played bass at The Roxy and Coachella, before I had to bail and start all the work for “The Information” tour. That’s when our boy Cedric from Remy Zero took over as bass player and occasional stormtrooper.

Sorry we were a bit late on this, still trying to sort some things out over here. Thanks to everyone who emailed.