Odeluxe vs. Odelay

Newt’s last post is about the releases of Odeluxe, but I want to make a note about the music. It appears upon first early listens, that there’s various changes to a lot of the songs… which could just be a trick of remastering, or real additions, I’m not sure yet. For instance the vocals on “Hotwax” appear to be have another vocal, and I think there may be a more prominent keyboard line on “Novacane,” and that a few songs have slightly longer/different endings. Little stuff like that. Some close comparisons to the original version and the Deluxe version are necessary, and I definitely will try to do that. But help is needed, there’s a thread over on Stewoo.net about some of the differences, but if anyone notices anything on the Deluxe version that sounds funny/new/differently-mixed, feel free to post here in the comments, on Stewoo, or email almostaghost@gmail.com so we can start figuring out all exactly what Beck did to his masterpiece. :)

Also apparently Spin Magazine has a short sentence in it saying that Beck and Nigel Godrich are back working on the next album… dunno if that’s just a rumor or not, but there it is. Good news, that.

List Of Things (this may take me awhile to do, but I’ll keep it here for now.)

1. Devils Haircut – I noticed no difference between Odelay and Odeluxe.
2. Hotwax – Deluxe version has what sounds like an extra vocal track during the verses.
3. Lord Only Knows – I think the versions are exactly the same, if anything there might be some remastering making some things (bass, percussion) a little clearer.
4. The New Pollution -  identical. (tho a commenter below noted the intros sounding different, I don’t hear anything.  can anyone get more specific?)

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  1. Andy says:

    If you listen closely to Sissyneck, there are an extra two measures of beeps, during the instrumental breakdown. (where the long-rumored “barbie cell phone” might have been).

  2. jml says:

    i recall that some of the mixes/songlengths were different on the “odelay” lp (i’m fairly certain that “novacane” was among these). i have not done a comparison yet, but i’m curious whether the reissue uses the lp versions.

  3. Nearlymello says:

    The Odeluxe version of Erase the Sun feels faster to me. Not re-recorded or anything, just sped up a tiny bit. A lot of the songs do sound a bit different too, but that was the biggest one to me. Hmm…

  4. bhl says:

    The New Pollution: The intro sounds differant.
    Jack-Ass: The intro to Where It’s At is tagged on the end (the record being turned over).
    High 5: The last note has an echo.
    Electric Music And The Summer People: New mix, guitar grungier, clearer vocals.
    Erase The Sun: Original speed, equals higher pitch and faster tempo.

  5. mike says:

    so any comments as to the whole wrong lyrics being printed?


  6. AlmostAGhost says:

    Don’t have a lot to add. I don’t think it will make anything a “collector’s item,” despite what some fans are saying.

    I also don’t think they copied words from Whiskeyclone.net, maybe one song (“Novacane”).

    I am curious what the correct lyrics are, as there doesn’t seem to be many flagrant errors in the liner notes I got…

  7. Matt says:

    I did notice “The New Pollution”‘s sax being a bit more buried in the Deluxe Version, as in less clear. And “High 5″‘s vocals are a lot clearer. And the beeps in “Sissyneck” when the music stops is for four beeps, not the original two. I would have thought that the songs would all be identical, but looking back they’re all clearer on Odeluxe. I don’t really want a remixed one! I love the originals! They all have a different feel.

  8. rad says:

    actually I think the keys in the funky little break in Devil’s Haircut are a little louder than before.. also the kick drum in where it’s at sounds louder

  9. Ryan Rowland says:

    Hooray, Odeluxe suffers from the typical “loudness war” mastering I’ve come to know and despise. I guess it’s to be expected, but crrraaap :(

  10. Down10 says:

    The Odeluxe version of “Electric Music and The Summer People” is WILDLY different from the version that I know of (from MOM3), with Beck’s roaring electric guitar and vocals taking over and less emphasis on the 1960s pop sample. It has 8 times as many balls as the original cut.

  11. Mulberger says:

    btw….there are 3 versions of “electric music”…streopathetic, mutations and odealy. mutations being on the japan cd import.

    so this is out of order…but i wanted to get in touch with the blogger. I recently found a nice little beck Gem of a promo for sexxlaws. its a promo CD-R put out by may first productions inc. its got 2 remixes that were never released, and as far as I can tell Im the only one who has this cd. I can provide photos…by the way I scored the promo for a tiny $10, which I think due to its rarity is worth a lot more.

    ~ Mulberger

  12. Ryan Rowland says:

    I prefer the original mix of “Electric Music and the Summer People” by far. The vocals just sound really tinny and buried on the new mix. The original was hardly a perfect mix, but I like it more than this new mix.

    Also – “Erase the Sun” always sounded slowed down to me. Could this new mix be the not-slowed-down original?

    By the way, Mulberger – “Electric Music and the Summer People” was never on Stereopathetic Soulmanure. Are you thinking of “Thunder Peel”, per chance?

  13. Bill Roush says:

    I just noticed that “Deadweight” has a lot of extra parts at the end of the song. Sounds great !

  14. phoneyfresh says:

    the “difference” in the intro to the new pollution is that the explosion sound is quieter, hardly even audible i think.

  15. Quiggle says:

    All the extra punch in percussion, bass etc is from remastering. The bass sounds horrid now and everything sounds squashed with a mid scoop on the vocals.

    Unpleasant, but alas my original is near. Really only wanted the second disc anyway. Can these tracks be had pre-re-master anywhere?

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