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no odeluxe in canada

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

i just went to a couple stores and can confirm that there is no deluxe edition of odelay in stores in canada. at least, not today.

at hmv i was able to find out that there are some supposedly coming in next tuesday feb. 5 (this is kind of up in the air, though – hmv’s release dates are often iffy with this kind of thing). however, at a price of $40, and keeping that delay in mind, it seems like these are probably just american copies that are being imported. that means most stores won’t get them, and most that do will only have a few copies.

so fuck you, canada!

UPDATE: thanks to magnolia, who points out in the comments that, universal’s canadian site, lists a feb. 5 release date for odelay deluxe. so i guess it’s not an import, it’s just coming out a week later here.