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beck mtv video remixer

Monday, September 15th, 2008

[17:15] <newt> mtv beck video remixer

[17:15] <Jack-Ass> stick em up bi0tch.

[17:15] <newt>

This may be the most intimidating Remixer assignment yet… Outcool music’s coolest chameleon. That’s right. The future of Beck’s ‘Gamma Ray’ video is in your hands, and we gotta tell ya, it’s already REALLY good. So don’t mess up. Remixer! Start Remixing Videos Remixed 12 Remixer Feedback/Comments

love those videos, I watch them all day (part II)

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Beck released a self-titled video compilation on the iTunes Music Store today. It includes the 21 videos below for $2.29 each, or the whole shebang for $24.99 The album notes read:

Beck’s use of strikingly off-kilter imagery — touched by flashes of humor and marked by deconstructed pop culture references — has made him one of the music world’s foremost surrealists, whose promo video work with Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze has exploded the possibilities of the genre. iTunes is proud to present this collection of Mr. Hansen’s videos — ranging from frantic early work, like “Beercan,” to the most recent videos for “Girl” and “Hell Yes.” You’ll also get video footage of Beck performing two of Sea Change‘s finest moments, “Guess I’m Doing Fine” and “The Golden Age,” live.

Here’s the list of videos:

  • Hell Yes
  • Girl
  • E-Pro
  • Ghettochip Malfunction
  • Black Tambourine
  • Gameboy/Homeboy (Que’ Onda Guero) [Remix]
  • Bad Cartridge
  • Lost Cause (Version 2)
  • Guess I’m Doing Fine
  • Little One
  • Round the Bend (V1 – No Beck GFX)
  • Jack-Ass
  • Mixed Bizness
  • Sexx Laws (Version 2)
  • The New Pollution
  • Devils Haircut
  • Where It’s At

I Love Those Videos..I Watch ‘Em All Day

Sunday, May 14th, 2006

Over on Becktabs, someone compiled a nice collection of links of all the Beck videos available on Youtube.

Thanks to Tropicalia for posting… and thanks to Mellow for most of the uploading!

Click here and enjoy

Turning Jams Up To Eleven

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

A quick awesome video here.

Enjoy.  I love jamming.  Roger, in case you’re wondering, and you should be, has a solo album on the way.

snakes and bones

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

The Shynola-directed ‘E-Pro’ video has been nominated for, and lost, a 2006 British Animation Award. Apparently the nominations were announced in late February and the awards handed out March 9.

The winner in the Best Music Video category was Subtle’s ‘Swan Meat’ (sidenote: you may remember that Subtle remixed ‘Farewell Ride’ for Guerolito). Mum’s ‘Will The Summer Make Good For All Our Sins’ was also nominated (and also lost). The public choice winner for Best Music Video was the Gorillaz’ ‘Feel Good Inc’.

a sick stolen gift

Thursday, March 9th, 2006

Your good friend Ross Harris just posted a beatiful video (or camcorder meditation) he made for ‘It’s All in Your Mind’. Check it out at youtube and vimeo. I really like this!

While you’re at it, check out this fan-made IAIYM video at youtube.

blowin like a smoke machine

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

mellow_777 points us to an interesting comment by Ross Harris a.k.a. Rossangeles a.k.a. The Enchanting Wizard of Rhythm: Steve Hanft made a real video for Sissyneck that was never released. I sure hope this turns up somewhere.

While we’re talking about videos/films by Steve that we’d like to see, I’d also like to mention Computer Chips and Salsa. This was a tour documentary Steve made (or started to make) during the crazy-long Odelay tours. It would be awesome to see that too.

Also, I’m stoked about the Kill the Moonlight DVD release.

PS from Ghost: YouTube also has a video by Ross for “Funky Little Song” here.

UPDATE: Ross has posted another comment saying that the Sissyneck video was shot at the same time as the Where It’s At video, and is basically an extended version of the line dance scene. He also says that he’s gonna see if Steve has a copy of it, which hopefully means we’ll get to see this eventually!