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a single solid light

Friday, February 9th, 2007

More news from HMV Japan via HamBeck. Also coming out on April 4 (in addition to Odelay Deluxe) will be an 18-disc singles boxset. The tracklist will be:

Disc 1 「LOOSER」
1. Looser
2. Corvette Bummer
3. Alcohl
4. Soul Suckin Jerk(reject)
5. Fume
6. Totally Confused
7. MTV Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack
8. Steal My Body Home

Disc 2 「BEERCAN」
1. Beercan
2. Got No Mind
3. Asskizz powergrudge(Payback!’94)
4. Spanking Room
5. Loser(pseudo-muzak)

Disc 3 「PAY NO MIND(Snoozer)」
1. Pay No Mind
2. Special People
3. Trouble All My Days
4. Supergolden

Disc 4 「WHERE IT’S AT」
1. Where It’s At(Edit)
2. Make Out City(remix by Mike Simpson)
3. Where It’s At(remix by Mario C.and Mickey P.)
4. Where It’s At(remix by John King)
5. Bounus Beats6. Where It’s At(remix by U.N.K.L.E)

1. Devils Haircut
2. Dark And Lovely(remix by The Dust Brothers)
3. American Wasteland(remix by Mickey P.)
4. .000.000
5. Devils Haircut(remix by Noel Gallagher)
6 Groovy sunday(remix by Mike Sipmson)
7. Lloyd Price Express(remix by John King)
8. Clock

1. The New Pollution
2. Richard’s Hairpiece(remix by Aphex Twin)
3. Electric Music And The Summer People
4. The New Pollution(Mario C.& Mickey P.remix)
5. Lemonade
6. Thunder Peel

1. Sissyneck
2. The New Pollution(remix by Mickey P)
3. Feather In Your Cap

Disc 8 「JACK-ASS」
1. Jack-Ass
2. Jack-Ass(Butch Vig mix)
3. Jack-Ass(Lowrider mix by Butch Vig)
4. Burro(Mariachi Version)
5. Strange Invitation
6. Devils Got My Woman(Skip James cover)
7. Brother

1. Deadweight(Edit)
2. Erase The Sun
3. SA-5

1. Tropicalia
2. Halo Of Gold
3. Black Ballon

1. Nobody’s Fault But My Own
2. One Of These Days
3. Diamond In The Sleaze

Disc 12 「SEXX LAWS」
1. Sexx Laws
2. Salt In The Wound
3. Sexx Laws(Wizeguyz remix)
4. Sexx Laws(Malibu remix)
5. Sexx Laws(Instrumental)
6. Sexx Laws(A Cappella)
7. Sexx Laws(Wizeguyz Instrumental remix)
8. Sexx Laws(Wizeguyz Bonus Dub)
9. Sexx Laws(Night Flight To Ojai)

1. Mixed Bizness
2. Mixed Bizness(Nu Wave Dreamix)
3. Mixed Bizness(Cornelius remix)
4. Mixed Bizness(DJ Me DJ You remix 01)
5. Dirty Dirty
6. Mixed Bizness(Dirty Bixin Mixness)
7. Arabian Nights
8. Mixed Bizness(Alternative Mix)
9. Mixed Bizness(Cornelius Instrumental)
10. Mixed Bizness(DJ Me DJ You remix #2)
11. Mixed Bizness(Transatlantic Rmx)
12. Mixed Bizness(Fernando G. Rmx)
13. Mixed Bizness(Transatlantic Rmx Instrumental)
14. Mixed Bizness(The Latain Mix)
15. Mixed Bizness(Hardmix)

1. Nicotine & Gravy
2. Midnight Vultures
3. Zatyricon

Disc 15 「E-Pro」
1. E-Pro
2. Venom Confection(E-Pro remix by Green.Music & Gold)
3. Ghost Range
4. Bad Cartridge

Disc 16 「Girl」
1. Girl
2. Girl(Recluse Street Remix by Octet)
3. Bit Rate Variations in B-Flat
4. Girl(Junior Senior Remix)

Disc 17 「HELL YES」
1. Hell Yes
2. Ghettochip Malfunction
3. Gucci Bag in Flames
4. Gameboy / Homeboy
5. Fax Machine Anthem

1. Black Tambourine
2. Black Tambourine(Instrumental)
3. Black Tambourine(South Rakkas Crew Remix)
4. Superthriller Daddy Daddy Remix)

The price for this collection is listed at ¥12,600, which is about US$100.

deluxe cockroach telling me what’s real

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Hi everyone.

I have some exciting news for you. Most of you have probably already heard that a deluxe version of The Information is coming out soon (Feb 27 in North America). It’ll have the international bonus tracks, a bunch of remixes, homemade videos for all the songs except O Menina, and two studio videos.

Last year, though, we kept hearing news about a deluxe 10th anniversary edition of Odelay coming out. When 2006 ended without official word of the rerelease, many of us gave up hope of seeing it. Well, it’s back, baby! HMV Japan has a page up for the rerelease! There’s not much information there, other than a release date (April 4) and the fact that it’ll be 2 CDs. Hopefully we get official confirmation and a tracklist soon. And hopefully there’s some new stuff on there that we haven’t heard before.

(Thanks to my favourite Japanese Beck blog HamBeck for linking to this.)