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Modern Guilt Europe Tour Starts Today

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Hey folks, Beck’s tour of Europe begins today at a festival in Norway. The first 3.5 songs were webcast (“Devils Haircut,” “Nausea,” “Timebomb” and “Minus”)… check here, they may be archived there at some point (they’re not right now)? It appears there might be a different drummer from the Echo shows a few weeks ago too…

Anyway I’ll try to be regular with the tour show round-ups, as the tour goes on. If anyone’s at any of these shows and wants to send in setlists, pictures, recordings, or whatever, email us

More On The Guilt

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Modern Guilt will have a bonus track on iTunes, called “Vampire Voltage No. 6.”

All the songs are credited to Beck, except “Walls” which DangerMouse co-wrote, and there’s a sample on it by Piot & Guiot.

Still no idea what happened to “Beggar’s Shoes.”

Beck played two shows last week, and cancelled a third (due to illness).

A few new dates were added to the North America tour in August/September:

August 21 – Reno, NV with Devendra Banhart
August 22 – San Francisco, CA Outside Lands Festival
August 24 – Bend, OR
August 27 – Victoria, BC with Band Of Horses
August 28 – Vancouver, BC with Band Of Horses
August 30 – Seattle, WA Bumbershoot Festival
September 19 – San Diego, CA Street Scene Festival
September 20 – Hollywood, CA with Spoon and MGMT
September 27 – Austin, TX ACL Festival

hopefully more will get added soon… Europe tour starts in a week or so too…

Modern Guilt and Deluxe Odelay Vinyl Pre-Order and Discount

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

From our mailbox to your eyes:


Just wanted to let you know that Insound has pre-orders up for the new Beck album “Modern Guilt”

The CD can be pre-ordered here:

The LP can be pre-ordered here:

If you’d like you can post this coupon for your readers to recieve 10% off at checkout. Coupon Code: modernguilt10.

In addition to the new album there is also a pre-order for the deluxe 4xLP expanded verion of Beck’s classic Odelay.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Andy French
Marketing Coordinator

Modern Guilt Stuff

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

So over the last week, there’s been a little bit of news here and there, thought I’d provide a summary.

Two weekends ago, Beck sold tickets on Saturday morning to a show here in LA Monday night. It was at his usual pre-tour warmup club, The Echo (he’s done this 3-4 times in the last few years). On Monday afternoon, the show was cancelled, citing scheduling conflicts. Also there were unsubstantiated rumors about that Beck was unhappy that there were scalpers scalping the tickets for obscene amounts. Either way, show didn’t happen.

Then last night, Beck and his new band finally played The Echo. There was not very much advance notice to fans, tickets weren’t sold. The LA Times, after the fact, called it “invitation-only.” They played a bunch of hits, and 4 of the new songs. I’ll put more on the show on Hijacked Flavors when I get a chance.

Beck’s new band is guitarist (Jessica Dobson (who makes music as Deep Sea Driver), Bram Inscore on bass, Scott McPherson on drums (who played with Elliott Smith), and Brian LeBarton is back on keys (until Wounded Cougar takes off again). Welcome to the new band members!

The album, by the way, is thus:

1. Orphans (with Cat Power)
2. Gamma Ray
3. Chemtrails (listen to it on!)
4. Modern Guilt (watch Beck play it live at the Echo last night here!)
5. Youthless (also the name of an old poetry zine Beck made as a kid)
6. Walls (with Cat Power)
7. Replica (apparently drum-n-bass-y)
8. Souls Of A Man
9. Profanity Prayers
10. Volcano

Not sure what happened to the song “Beggar’s Shoes” yet; it could be “Soles Of A Man” maybe?

Also… expect the album in about a month (or so I’m told; it could change).