blowin like a smoke machine

mellow_777 points us to an interesting comment by Ross Harris a.k.a. Rossangeles a.k.a. The Enchanting Wizard of Rhythm: Steve Hanft made a real video for Sissyneck that was never released. I sure hope this turns up somewhere.

While we’re talking about videos/films by Steve that we’d like to see, I’d also like to mention Computer Chips and Salsa. This was a tour documentary Steve made (or started to make) during the crazy-long Odelay tours. It would be awesome to see that too.

Also, I’m stoked about the Kill the Moonlight DVD release.

PS from Ghost: YouTube also has a video by Ross for “Funky Little Song” here.

UPDATE: Ross has posted another comment saying that the Sissyneck video was shot at the same time as the Where It’s At video, and is basically an extended version of the line dance scene. He also says that he’s gonna see if Steve has a copy of it, which hopefully means we’ll get to see this eventually!

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