Modern Guilt Europe Tour Starts Today

Hey folks, Beck’s tour of Europe begins today at a festival in Norway. The first 3.5 songs were webcast (“Devils Haircut,” “Nausea,” “Timebomb” and “Minus”)… check here, they may be archived there at some point (they’re not right now)? It appears there might be a different drummer from the Echo shows a few weeks ago too…

Anyway I’ll try to be regular with the tour show round-ups, as the tour goes on. If anyone’s at any of these shows and wants to send in setlists, pictures, recordings, or whatever, email us

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  1. Awesome, this is the first performance I’ve seen him in with the new style. I love the metallic bubble balloons that spell BECK on stage. I like how he changed the way the songs sounded, (which is nothing new for him). Thanks for the link!

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