Modern Guilt and Deluxe Odelay Vinyl Pre-Order and Discount

From our mailbox to your eyes:


Just wanted to let you know that Insound has pre-orders up for the new Beck album “Modern Guilt”

The CD can be pre-ordered here:

The LP can be pre-ordered here:

If you’d like you can post this coupon for your readers to recieve 10% off at checkout. Coupon Code: modernguilt10.

In addition to the new album there is also a pre-order for the deluxe 4xLP expanded verion of Beck’s classic Odelay.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Andy French
Marketing Coordinator

6 Responses to “Modern Guilt and Deluxe Odelay Vinyl Pre-Order and Discount”

  1. ODelayed says:

    Odeluxe Vinyl – limited to 3,000 copies X $100 each = $300,000.
    That’s a bit too much money to be making on 3000 records. I’d pay $45-50 for this set, and even with a 10 percent discount, everybody should stay away.

  2. newt says:

    i tend to agree, actually. despite my penchant for fanatical collecting, i don’t think i will be buying this.

  3. RockMeDiabeetus says:

    I agree. However, Modern Guilt LP for 14 bucks? Yes please.

  4. Thakmere says:

    well, normally i wouldn’t buy something as redundant as this and expensive. but i think its so freaking sweet!! and only 3000 copies will make it some-what valuable in the end… plus my father has just offered to pay half of it because he likes to indulge me in the whole ‘music’ thing, just so i dont start playing computer games.. he doesn’t like the “fanatical collecting” (as newt calls it) but w/e i dig it… so i will be purchasing this, so in your faces. ill send you guise pics eventually.

    is anyone else irritated at the fact that the jack-ass/where its at segue way will be included on the same side of the vinyl? im kinda hoping that they like,, took that away… i know the whole ‘vinyl scratches’ thing is part of the album, but who knows…

    i’ll also be buying the modern guilt vinyl too…..obviously..

    have fun u oakies. ill be spinnin’ my one of 3000 copies of odeluxe in a few weeks..

    p.s. has anyone seen those new USB turntables? for like 100 bucks you can get this okay BELT DRIVEN turntable that has a usb thingy so u can go directly to ur compy and such, pretty sick if i must say so myself….

  5. thomas says:

    any idea what tracks the free 7″ at Insound contains?

  6. Tony Devitt says:

    I thought the price was high at first as well- untill I saw the package and talked to one of the districutors and was told that the package costs almost $40.00 to produce- was sold by the label to distributors for $44.00 then add on a 20% distribution fee- and the rest is retail which I don’t mind supporting independent retail-

    So more like- $12,000 and Beck is probably getting a standard HFA royalty rate of 18% so again not huge dollars-

    But when you see the package you will also understand why it is worth what most of us spend in a bar on a friday- not to mention that it is already sold out and collectors are doubling the price now- in a year we would be lucky to pay $100.

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