We Got A Red Alert

An unofficial homemade video for “Timebomb” is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWtZ1TqMq4g

It’s brilliant fun, and definitely one of the best Beck videos out there. Take that, Michel Gondry and your fancy camera angles.

It was made by Hambeck, a Japanese fan for which we link to his her Beck blog over there —->

Great job man sistah!

3 Responses to “We Got A Red Alert”

  1. guerolito says:

    great video, should be the real one… just awesome.

  2. yukari says:

    hi hi :)
    yeah i love the video!

    btw, hambeck is a girl ;)

  3. mouse says:

    fyi, Rosemint Cafe has switched hosts. it can now be found at http://rosemintcafe.blog87.fc2.com/

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