Jingling A Wish Coin

I thought for my first real post here, I’d point you to a tidier list of all the Guero remixes that I have made.  I posted it last month over on Becktabs here.  There are around 30 remixes total; if you thought Guerolito was all, it is not even close!  I have never been a huge fan of the remix, and I almost never listen to any of the ones from Odelay.  However, I’ve found myself digging more than a few of the Guero remixes.

As Dave noticed to me the other day, Beck has not released an actual b-side on a single since Midnite Vultures.  Collecting is b-sides was always so much fun for the crazy experimenting like “Spanking Room” or “.000.000” or the super fun like “In A Cold Ass Fashion” or “Diskobox” to the downright brilliant like “Feather In Your Cap” or “Brother.”  So why has it been so long?  Beck always mentions he is recording for other albums, and perhaps now a lot that would or should be a b-side gets shelved for possible future inclusion on an album.  I hope not though because all those albums in Beck’s head… never get made!  Artists like Beck maybe don’t get to put out as many singles; we were spoiled by the insane success of Odelay which allowed there to be so many single releases.  Fortunately, maybe this is what Beck.com will be used for more regularly from now on, and Beck is just changing the way he gets the tracks to us?


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  1. John says:

    Hey, great site. Very informative. Keep up the great work… I could probably list a few samples you didn’t mention in the song section. For starters “Que Onda Guero” gets its drumline from the Banbarra track “Shack Up”.

  2. leaflet says:

    well well
    i want to be your friend too
    i will be taking a break from da hub
    so i will check in on you here.
    and is vinoid other blog still a good place to keep
    track of you. Is this the type of stuff i should be typing here?
    i don’t know and don’t really care
    take care and newtie newt i love the tiger
    we need t-shirts
    thx agian for all you do
    bye bye

  3. AlmostAGhost says:

    Thanks John, yea feel free to e-mail me any info like that, or post it here. I’ll probably do a “samples” post on the blog in due time.


    no hub breaks allowed leaf, get back up in there

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