Torn Apart By Idle Hands

Hello. This is the new portion of the Whiskeyclone network, Paper Tiger. It, as you can tell, is a blog. We’ll use to it keep you up-to-date on updates to the website, mainly Almost A Ghost and Hijacked Flavors. Also, there will be Beck-related thoughts and links and music and whatnot. I do not anticipate acting like a “news” person, but naturally I will talk about important things or whatever interests me; for more comprehensive Beck news, try or the forums at or

I like to think that a blog is a natural extension for the site; my updates page on Ghost was semi-blog-like long before there was a Blogosphere. I enjoy writing and thinking about Beck’s music and goings-on and this seemed a good way to do that, keep people informed, and follow Beck. Thanks for reading…

– AlmostAGhost

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