deluxe cockroach telling me what’s real

Hi everyone.

I have some exciting news for you. Most of you have probably already heard that a deluxe version of The Information is coming out soon (Feb 27 in North America). It’ll have the international bonus tracks, a bunch of remixes, homemade videos for all the songs except O Menina, and two studio videos.

Last year, though, we kept hearing news about a deluxe 10th anniversary edition of Odelay coming out. When 2006 ended without official word of the rerelease, many of us gave up hope of seeing it. Well, it’s back, baby! HMV Japan has a page up for the rerelease! There’s not much information there, other than a release date (April 4) and the fact that it’ll be 2 CDs. Hopefully we get official confirmation and a tracklist soon. And hopefully there’s some new stuff on there that we haven’t heard before.

(Thanks to my favourite Japanese Beck blog HamBeck for linking to this.)

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