Alternate Titles:

a.k.a. Megajam
a.k.a. Summertime Medley

Live Versions:
  1. Funk
The Song:

This is a megajam of various songs. Here is a list of the songs which I know have appeared in "Funk":

"Another One Bites The Dust" [Queen]
"Beautiful" [Snoop Dogg]
"Crazy In Love" [Beyonce]
"Erotic City" [Prince]
"Genius Of Love" [Tom Tom Club]
"Girls and Boys" [Blur]
"Hot In Herre" [Nelly]
"Not Gonna Get Us" [tATu]
"Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See" [Busta Rhymes]
"Rock Your Body" [Justin Timberlake]
"Under Pressure" [Queen]

This is a usually show-closing medley of funky hits. Someone nabbed the setlist from February 14 2003, and reported that this was referred to simply as "Funk."

Beck also called it his "Summertime Medley" while in Australia in March 2003. calls them "megajams" for August 2003.

Played for the first time at both winter 2003 gigs, to what I assume was a successful response.

So Beck took it Australia and Japan with him and played it a few times down there too (but not every night). The same four songs were included each time: "Hot In Herre," "Genius of Love," "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See," and "Erotic City."

The August 2003 tour of Europe changed things up a bit. Not every medley was exactly the same, but most were based around "Rock Your Body," "Hot in Herre," and "Crazy In Love." Those are the three songs which were actually covered, albeit in a medley form all together. The other tunes tossed in were usually just a line or two of their chorus, like from "Another One Bites the Dust," "Not Gonna Get Us," or "Beautiful."