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A couple of months ago, I’m sure you recall, Beck released his One Foot In The Grave Deluxe album. He self-released it for the most part, and sold different packages on One such superpack was the vinyl version of the Deluxe, as well as some other goodies (a totebag, t-shirt, etc.). The site said the vinyl would be shipped at the end of May.

A few weeks ago then, people started to get their packs. Included with all the listed stuff was a little black vinyl 7″ record, labelled “Record Club – Sunday Morning.” This had been unlisted and was a surprise addition.

Turns out, the song is a new studio recording of the Velvet Underground’s “Sunday Morning” (a song Beck had played live a fair amount over the years; mostly in 2002 or so). Beck recorded it in March or April of this year, and it was immediately pressed and then sent out with the superpacks.

I am told that there WILL be more Record Club vinyls, and probably soon! I am not sure how or when or where they will be available to purchase; this first one was basically a secret until it arrived. So keep an eye out and let us know if you see or find anything:

Also, one question–did anyone order the One Foot Deluxe vinyl + download set from Did that package have a Record Club vinyl in it too?

UPDATE: The band on “Sunday Morning” was Beck, Nigel Godrich, Brian LeBarton, Chris Holmes, and an Icelandic singer named Thorunn. Well, from Chris’ own blog, he mentions here that they did the ENTIRE Velvet Underground & Nico album!

4 Responses to “Beck’s Record Club”

  1. MattHurst says:

    I got the vinyl + download version, and did not manage to get a single I was super excited about. maybe there is something more coming up as a one off download, like Beck has done the last couple years on iTunes? I am very excited to here more VU covers were made

  2. Jay says:

    I have the whole shebang and the single is awesome isn’t it? I can’t wait to hear the rest. I could listen to that song forever the way Beck did it. He’s a genius on a roll making great music. He should be one of the absolute giants in the music industry. I hope he gets another hit single and revolutionizes the whole pathetic charts.

  3. danimal says:

    So, Sunday Morning is included in the $105 version of One Foot? Is it still available?

  4. almostaghost says:

    A few people have ordered the $105 superpack AFTER finding out about Record Club. I don’t believe they have received it yet to know if it is still being shipped with it or what.

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