Charlotte Gainsbourg album

So, I cannot remember if I’ve ever mentioned this on here or not. But we had known for a little while that Beck was working on Charlotte Gainsbourg’s upcoming record, producing and writing it with her. He said once that he was supposed to help out on her previous album, 5:55 but was unable to (she did that album with Air and Nigel Godrich).

Of course, Charlotte’s parents are Serge Gainsbourg (a big influence on Beck) and Jane Birkin (who sang a song with Beck once!).

Recently while in Japan, Beck played the song “Paradisco” live, which I was told was a song likely for Charlotte’s album. Well today, Charlotte posted a short update on her myspace page which says the following:

Recording with Beck, new album due for release late 2009
Following Air, Jarvis Cocker, Neil Hannon & Nigel Godrich for 2006’s successful “5.55”, Charlotte Gainsbourg is currently working with Beck on the composition & production of her new album.

The album is scheduled for November 2009. It will feature at least 11 songs, titles including “In The End”, “Heaven Can Wait” and “Master Hand”.

This to be the first sort of official announcement about the record, previously it’s only been mentioned in some Japanese interviews, I believe. Here is her website and her myspace.

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