More Record Club News [NOW UPDATED]

So… Pitchfork has a bit more about the Record Club!

Sounds like more songs will be coming soon, and that Beck has been meeting up with various friends solely with the plan to spontaneously create and record covers of famous albums. They also make it sound like this was just pretty much for fun, to do in spare time. They also indicate that the bands’ (and his) official websites will be used to share the songs.

No hints yet what albums were covered (beyond VU & Nico of course). (Unlike Pitchfork though, we do know that it appears the Nico parts were covered by an Icelandic singer named Thorunn.)

I could be wrong as well, but I don’t believe the Sonic Youth – EVOL cover was part of the Record Club exactly. We’ll have to see in time.

So from what we know, we’ll need your help in keeping an eye on other band’s websites (MGMT, Devendra, or anyone’s really). Let us know if anyone hears or reads anything about these recordings in other artists’ comments or communities! You can email us at: computergirls [at]

EDIT: Go to for more word straight from Beck! (And a cool redesign!)

Since this is hitting up all over the web at all the usual music places now (Rolling Stone, thanks for the link), here’s the added info:

Record Club tracks will be released on They will also sometimes go up on other artists’ sites if they were involved, but it sounds like always on for sure. The VU/Nico album is coming first, it appears, and a video for “Sunday Morning” is up now. Tracks will show up weekly! (Who wants to wait a week between tracks?!) Also, right now, I have not seen any info about HOW the songs are distributed? mp3 download? Or just like “Sunday Morning”–a flash video only? Please, Beck, make it downloadable!

No added word yet about what other records were covered, but as said reportedly Devendra Banhart, Jamie Lidell and MGMT have all participated (or will?). Beck says on his site they almost did Digital Underground’s Sex Packets! After all these years, we could have finally had a “Humpty Dance” cover!

UPDATE UPDATE: Record Club is now on Twitter!

Also one news site claimed that the Record Club also did a Talking Heads album.

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  1. kibbe says:

    Beck posted a video of the Velvet Underground cover on his website. There’s a bit more info in this EW post:

  2. Gareth says:

    All sounds very cool. Would the Icelandic singer called Thorunn be the same Icelandic Thorunn from the band Fields I wonder?

  3. almostaghost says:

    Gareth, that does appear to be her… hard to know for certain because apparently there’s a couple of different Thorunn’s from Iceland who are singers!

    I do believe though that The Honeymoon is her band… and it looks like she is also the one in Fields…

  4. njikòlai says:

    Isn’t the girl who appears whistling on the video for No Complaints on the Info DVD??

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