2nd K Record — Coming Soon?


Just a quick update regarding an email I got from beck.com regarding my order for OFITG expanded. The email includes an unreleased song (recorded at Dub Narcotic) called “The Way it Seems” as a thanks for ordering AND GET THIS that more details are coming on the “unreleased follow up to OFITG.” The attached mp3 is fully tagged including album specified as “K records 2.” Full email is included below, stay tuned for more details as they come in.

– breathmint

Thank you for picking up the expanded edition of One Foot In the Grave. This reissue has been several years in the making—-tracking down tapes, photographs and mixing the lost songs on the 8 equipment they were originally recorded on. As an added bonus we are sending you an extra song not available anywhere else from the the unreleased follow up to One Foot In the Grave recorded in the summer of 1994 at Dub Narcotic Studios, of which there will be more about later. We’re also working on some surprises for the website which we hope we’ll be able to bring to you soon.

Thanks again.


EDIT: i wanted to add a little bit about what we know about this, the long-lost Second K Record. Beck recorded One Foot up in Olympia for K in summer 1993, as well as a bit for it in January 1994. He released the album in June 1994. Then in July 1994, he was back up there for a couple of weeks on a short break from Mellow Gold touring, and recorded the follow-up. I was under impression these sessions were aborted, and not finished, but now it seems there is a full album’s worth ready to go. Old Beck.com Disko had listed 3 songs from the “2nd K Release”: “Buried Alive,” “Cold Brains,” and “Somewhere Far Along.” There were a ton of unreleased songs played over the remainder of 1994 and in to 1995, so I’d think any of those songs may show up here. (And some, like “Cold Brains,” could very likely have shown up on Mutations.) Like Mint said, stay tuned. – almostaghost

PS. I changed the title of this post, because really it has little to do with One Foot In The Grave deluxe! It is its own new thing.

15 Responses to “2nd K Record — Coming Soon?”

  1. Kent says:

    Are these the same sessions that were aborted infavor of Odelay that produced “Ramshackle” and “Brother” plus a few other songs on the Odelay deluxe album?

  2. danimal says:

    Do you know if all orders placed through Beck.com get the bonus mp3? Does that offer still stand. I could find no info through the official site.

  3. almostaghost says:

    Nope, different session from the “Ramshackle” one. Those came later in 1994, and were done with the guys who did Mellow Gold for Bongload.

    Honestly, I don’t know if the offer still stands. I didn’t order One Foot Deluxe through beck.com, so I didn’t get this myself. You can find links to it on stewoo.net though!

  4. Kent says:

    Ok thanks.

    I ordered OFITG last weekend and just got the email with the link today. I think they are trying to keep it somewhat secret.

  5. rcaedic says:

    SO excited about the prospect of another album of One Foot-era stuff! “The Way It Seems” is fantastic and I look forward to more. :)

  6. Schill says:

    FWIW the MP3’s ID3 info also said “Track 1 of 17” in iTunes – perhaps a red herring, but those are usually given to logical groups of files.

  7. Schmoo says:

    I guess I’m a schmoo for actually going to an independent store and buying the cd.

  8. KNEEL13 says:

    I agree with you rcaedic, I really hope another album with this folk side of Beck gets released. I love all of Beck’s styles, but this really style hits the spot at times.

  9. breathmint says:

    Oh yes I wanted to mention the 17 tracks indicated in the ID3 tag in my original post but forgot about it. Thanks Schill! That is very interesting.

  10. rodrigo says:

    Well… can anyone upload the way it seems…
    email it.. or something?
    here’s my mail…. please… anyone…

  11. Laservampire says:

    Think of all those acoustic 94 goodies that Beck may have recorded! I’d love a studio version of “Hard To Compete”…

  12. J says:

    The acoustic Beck stuff from this period is my absolute favorite. I’m still waiting for my stuff though. Has anyone else gotten their deluxe package from beck.com yet? The Way It Seems is an awesome song!
    I hope he goes back to this old style again. Beck is the greatest songwriter in the world to me!!! No one is as creative.

  13. breathmint says:

    i dont have mine yet. i can barely wait! original post says they ship no later than may 28, which is 2 days from now :]

  14. PB says:

    SO excited about the prospect of another album of One Foot-era stuff! “The Way It Seems” is fantastic and I look forward to more. :)

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