3rd nyc show + the information vinyl + fake beck

Three cool pieces of news today:

  1. Beck added a third NYC show to his tour, October 8th at the United Palace Theatre. Presale tomorrow (Friday) at 10 AM here, password is YOUTHLESS.
  2. There is news about the Information on vinyl. It will be limited to a pressing of 3000 individually numbered sets. It looks awesome!packaging.jpg
  3. Fake Beck is twittering!

Also, the tour starts up again tomorrow! Have fun at the shows and make sure to send us setlists, pics, and recordings!

4 Responses to “3rd nyc show + the information vinyl + fake beck”

  1. Thakmere says:

    Oh looky, another AWESOME thing thats limited to 3000 and probably costs 100 dollars that im ALSO going to have to buy cuz u oakies probably wont buy it… but ya. i hope it includes HUGE STICKERS (which was my original thought when the album came out) so hooray for that. u shuda mentioned that it was the deluxe edition of it (altho that may seem obvious by the thick box,, but w/e). unless its 150 ill probably buy it.. :D:D

    p.s. theres no word yet on my Odeluxe Vinyl. the sent me my 90 bucks back a little while ago i think (kinda fucked with my bank account) and no emails.. so idk what the deal is with that. butttt ya. i hope it comes soon… did any other folk buy that?/have you heard anything about it? cuz im still kinda curious..

    thats all.. bye u guise.

  2. RockMeDiabeetis says:

    Was it ever released on vinyl before? It’s possibly my favourite Beck album and I’d love to own it.

  3. JetEngineJesus says:

    Yeah, the Information set is $175. Oh, plus, like, $70 shipping if you live outside of the lower 48 states. Guess who won’t be picking THAT up…?
    Sucks, ’cause it’s not available on vinyl outside of this limited edition box set. I collect Beck on vinyl, and (correct me if i’m wrong) this is the only album of his that’s not available as an LP…

  4. Thakmere says:

    Golden Feelings…………………….<<corrected.

    and yes, my assumptions were correct about the huge stickers, im happy bout that. but like i said, over 150 is harsh. sooo i may not buy this, even tho i REALLY WANT IT.. and other than the fact that they say its now available i wudnt even think of it beign released within the year the way beck’s been going with releasing shit….. eh. ill keep posted. maybe ill win teh lotery or some cool shit.. :D!

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