Happy Beck’s Birthday (Modern Guilt is out now)

Hello everyone, happy Beck’s birthday!

Modern Guilt should be out now everywhere, except in Japan. A few places apparently have a bonus 7″ with an extra track (“Vampire Voltage No. 6”) so if you’re interested keep an eye on that. I don’t honestly know all the details about what/where, maybe Newtron has been keeping better track, or you can share what you got and where in the comments here.

The European tour has been going strong, you can see some setlists for some of the shows over on Hijacked Flavors here (including some YouTube clips that I’ve linked to on the show pages). If anyone has any bootlegs or information about the shows that is missing, email us computergirls [at] whiskeyclone.net.

Enjoy the album, and remember, you can only listen to Beck music today!

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  1. RockMeDiabeetus says:

    Amazing album. Of course.

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