**This just in from the front lines on the U.S. release date of Modern Guilt**

Breathmint reports that his local Indie record store is giving away a 7″ (Side a: Chemtrails/Side b: Vampire Voltage No. 6) with the purchase of Modern Guilt.  Further investigation finds that this phenomena is probably widespread.  So, for some extra goodies, head over to your local Indie record store and pickup the new album.

Checkout to find ant Indie record store to you.  And as always, it would be best to call and make sure the store has the bonus 7″.  Also, supply is most likely very limited, so move fast.

Happy Beck Day/Modern Guilt Day to you ALL!

**Update 7/9:  Even though websites for Indie stores have advertised this promotion, reports seem to point to a delay in shipment for these 7″s in the U.S.  When one of these turns up, let us know.

3 Responses to “RECORD DROP UPDATE…”

  1. eugene says:

    It appears the 7″ was a EU release.

  2. Nick says:

    I purchased Modern Guilt at Amoeba Records in Hollywood, and at first the cashier did not offer me the 7″. I went home and saw the blog, and immediately rushed back. They said that they forgot they had them, and gave me two to compensate for “all my trouble.” All I can say is that Vampire Voltage is a legitimate b-side, and a worthy addition to Modern Guilt. Short, simple, with lots of fuzzy guitar. Quite satisfying if I may say so myself.

    P.S. : They had a stack of about ten, so if you hurry, they may still have some left in stock!

  3. breathmint says:

    The EU release is retail on white vinyl with a different (XL Recordings) catalog number. The promo 7″ given away with the album is a promo DGC catalog number and is on black vinyl.

    More info:

    Eugene: July 8th, 2008 at 9:53 pm

    It appears the 7″ was a EU release.

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