Modern Guilt

Rolling Stone has more info, if you haven’t heard already, about the new album. To sum: it’s got a mix of songs, a good 60s vibe, was played mostly just by DangerMouse and Beck, and may be called Modern Guilt. Four songs include “Modern Guilt” (sounds like The Zombies, who Beck has covered before), “Beggar’s Shoes” (“twangy guitar and uptempo beat”), “Chem Trails” (epic with Joey Stagecoach Waronker on drums), and “Walls” (melancholy with Cat Power).


Here’s the link.

4 Responses to “Modern Guilt”

  1. mervelousMEGUMI says:

    Hot damn, I’m psyched for this album! I wonder if the UK or Japan releases will have extra tracks? And for those keeping count, if this thing is indeed going to be titled “Modern Guilt,” it’ll be Beck’s fourth major studio album to begin with the letter “M.”

  2. MikeC says:

    “The original vision for Modern Guilt was 10 short tracks.”
    so i guess it could be longer now?

  3. mr rob says:

    so it is now known after this the contract is done

    it made me sad when the article implied beck doesnt know what he wants to do after this one

  4. Unpro Dano says:

    Maybe he’ll start his own label

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