Chemtrails” is the first song from (what appears to be called) Modern Guilt to hit the webs, and you can listen to it on the music player, or (I’m told) over on his myspace.

It is definitely a trippy song, with, as mentioned before, Stagecoach Joey Waronker’s mad drumming skills on display. Danger Mouse and Beck cooked up some nice changes and moments, and Beck sings it all in a hazy falsetto.

Enjoy! says the album is still untitled, and will be out “early summer.” More info on all that coming soon…

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  1. Chris says:

    Hey, this is unrelated but Odelay is being reissued on vinyl…
    Copies exchange hands for around $50 or higher so this is good news…
    Unfortunately (?) it the 12th anniversary edition so it will encompass 4 LPs and actually retail for $80.00. The vinyl is 180g and the release date is TBD.

  2. RockMeDiabeetus says: says Chemtrails is now the single?

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