new Beck album on XL in UK

newt (10:29:35):

bebo (10:32:58): sounds dumb

bebo (10:33:05): i’m supposed to care?

newt (10:33:06): heh

newt (10:33:23): i think it’s interesting that he’s branching out to another label. i think his interscope contract is done

bebo (10:33:33): i don’t think it means that at all

bebo (10:33:45): he just needs a new distributor for the UK

newt (10:34:13): no i mean i think he had an agreement to do a certain number of albums with interscope, and i think that’s been completed. i’m not saying i think he’ll leave them

newt (10:34:26): but maybe he’s curious and now experimenting with dating other labels

bebo (10:37:53): but

bebo (10:38:06): was that not an agreement for distribution only?

bebo (10:38:14): and how do we know he’s almost donw with interscope?

bebo (10:38:19): where did you get that info

newt (10:38:52): i don’t know if it’s for distribution only, but xl is a label, right? not just a distribution company?

newt (10:39:15): and about the interscope thing, i kinda remember people talking after info came out, saying that was the last album he was committed to doing for them

newt (10:39:21): and if he wanted he could leave after that

newt (10:39:29): but i’d have to look it up, i don’t actually know for sure


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