Odelay Deluxe Artwork

Pitchfork is claiming that the above is the artwork for the upcoming Odelay Deluxe (which I’ve taken to calling Odeluxe).

How rad is that cover? It is impossible to improve on the awesome simplicity of the original cover, and the only way to even try is to go crazy doodling all over it.

UPDATE: They also claim to have the official tracklist now. Pretty much what we had before, but with Computer Rock added and a slightly different order.


  1. Devils Haircut
  2. Hotwax
  3. Lord Only Knows
  4. The New Pollution
  5. Derelict
  6. Novacane
  7. Jack-ass
  8. Where It’s At
  9. Minus
  10. Sissyneck
  11. Readymade
  12. High 5 (Rock the Catskills)
  13. Ramshackle
  14. Computer Rock
  15. Deadweight [short version]
  16. Inferno
  17. Gold Chains


  1. Where It’s At (U.N.K.L.E. Remix)
  2. Richard’s Hairpiece
  3. American Wasteland
  4. Clock
  5. Thunder Peel [New Pollution single version]
  6. Electric Music and the Summer People [New Pollution single version]
  7. Lemonade
  8. SA-5
  9. Feather In Your Cap [subUrbia / Stray Blues version]
  10. Erase the Sun
  11. .000.000
  12. Brother
  13. Devil Got My Woman
  14. Trouble All My Days
  15. Strange Invitation
  16. Burro

UPDATE 2: noknowncure has pointed out in the comments below that 1) there is a UK release, and 2) play.com (a UK site) lists an unnamed bonus track. This could very well mean that the UK version will have Diskobox on it.

UPDATE 3: Ham points us towards the full art:

12 Responses to “Odelay Deluxe Artwork”

  1. Alex says:

    Cool! I live in the UK though :(, does anyone know if this will just be an american only release? hope not…

  2. Mike says:

    Awwww I liked the original cover..they should’ve kept it that way cept like make it shinier or something lol. Meh, I’ll take off the front cover and just paste the original into it XD

  3. noknowncure says:

    It’s getting a UK release, Alex, I’ve got it pre-ordered.

    I love the new artwork. Hope it’s similar throughout.

    Can’t believe there’s no Diskobox though. It’s already on my original copy of Odelay, so it’s no big deal really, but I’d have thought they’d include it just for completions sake.

  4. Nikolaz Rble2 says:

    Yeah, love the brand new artwork lol
    Great tracklisting on disc 2, but they missed Diskobox :s

  5. Mike says:

    And yes theres no Odelay without Diskobox. :/

  6. noknowncure says:

    To add to the tracklisting Diskobox confusion Play.com have the disc one tracklisting:

    01.Devil’s Haircut
    03.Lord Only Knows
    04.The New Pollution
    08.Where It’s At
    12.High 5 (Rock The Catskills)

    14.Hidden Track
    15.Bonus Track

    16.Deadweight (Bonus Track)
    17.Inferno (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)
    18.Gold Chains (Previously Unreleased) (Bonus Track)

  7. Newtron Bomb says:

    play.com is british, and the brits often get an extra track – it wouldn’t surprise me! thanks noknowncure.

  8. Ian Warner says:

    1. Beck has obviously mangled with the second disc tracklisting for a reason. and without actually putting them in that order and litening to it, it seems like its going to be really good.
    2. Its a shame that they put in the Richard’s Hairpiece remix instead of the Noel Gallagher remix. I think its much better (even better than the original), the only thing that the Noel Gallagher remix lacks is the scream at the end of the [normal version of the] song at approx. 2:18 in… i dont know why they left it out… and the american wasteland version is also very good. … thats all…

  9. Alex says:

    The british never always get an extra track – the japanese do… :D This looks fab, we’ve all been waiting so long for some information on the release.

  10. Alex says:

    I’m hoping it’s not got Diskobox, because I already have that on my version…

  11. Ben says:

    The listings at CDuniverse and Amazon.com both have 16 tracks on the first disc but one has “Electric Music and the Summer People” on the second disc and the other has “Diskobox” instead!

    Why do they make this so difficult?!

    The UK tracklisting from Play.com has “Electric Music and the Summer People” plus the 2 extra tracks on the first disc, looks like I’ll be grabbing that one :)

    I just hope that version is the one released in Australia, seeing as we had “Diskobox” as a bonus track….

  12. Duck says:

    Any news about Diskobox on the UK pressing?

    I saw on amazon.com that a japanese edition is going to be released on the 15th april. I hope it will have Diskobox, it’s a shame if not.

    (and sorry for my english, i’m french : ) )

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