odelay deluxe liner notes

according to this one (stupid) review, there will be some expanded liner notes in odeluxe:

Or you can try to enjoy the liner notes by Thurston Moore, or the fact that Dave Eggers uses the booklet to interview a bunch of teenagers about whether they know who Beck is (Hey! Guess what! Not really!)

could be good, but maybe not. we’ll see.

5 Responses to “odelay deluxe liner notes”

  1. Alex says:

    noone can piss on odelay

  2. luciano b.h. says:

    The link isn’t working right now… But, anyway, just a few lines is enough to be sured that this guy is a dumbass (bad writing, bad taste, bad ideas).

  3. Duff McKagan says:

    Although I think that one who has heard all of this has to admit that few of the bonus tracks on this re-issue are that revelatory…I mean Clock? American Wasteland? Lemonade? These are all things that entertained me the weekend the singles came out in 96/97, but they are not that substantial.

  4. fishbulb says:

    Any word if this is coming out on vinyl?

  5. Steve says:

    I loved the interviews with the high school kids! Very funny and well put together. Much more interesting then most booklets (except for perhaps the pictures in Guero’s Deluxe edition.)

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