days fade to black

For those collector types out there, I found something interesting recently. Many Beck fans know that Beck’s mother Bibbe was in the band Black Fag (note: not Black Flag) with Vaginal Davis. What I did not know until now is that, according to the discography on Vaginal’s website, Beck actually produced two records for Black Fag. The first, a 7″ EP entitled Parerga y Paralipomena, was released in 1992 and the second, a 12″ LP called 11 Harrow House was released in 1995. I would love to hear these, but unfortunately, they are both “rare and out of print”. If anybody knows where I can get copies of either the records themselves, or even just the music from them, please post here or e-mail us at Maybe we’ll send you something special in return…

Actually, if you’ll permit some train-of-thought-ramblings, I’ve been meaning to run a contest on here for awhile. Perhaps this will be my first attempt at a contest. A prize will go to the first person that tracks down these items. I don’t know what the prize will be yet, but it’ll be something. This contest is open-ended and will end when I say so. Go forth! Find the music!

(BTW, there are some other cool producers listed on that page: Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth and Bong Load Poop Alley man Tom Grimley also both produced Black Fag releases. Neat.)

6 Responses to “days fade to black”

  1. son of desktop says:

    tom grimley was from poop alley records, not bong load. you’re thinking of tom rothrock.

  2. Newtron Bomb says:

    ah you’re right! thanks.

  3. Vyral says:

    I love whiskeyclone.

  4. breathmint says:

    this is super old news. anyone who could find this, would deserve to keep it is the prize, lol… nothing you could offer would be any better :]

  5. Newtron Bomb says:

    thanks for the input, mint. i just said that i was not aware of it. so, even if it is super old news to you, i’m sure there are others out there who are also not as cool and with it as you.

    i guess i wasn’t clear in my contest description, either. i don’t want to take the winner’s records if they do find them, i just want to hear the music. i’m not trying to scam anybody on here.

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