I Plug ‘Em In My Eyeballs (Hey!)

I filled out some shows on Hijacked Flavors with embedded Youtube videos.  Here is a good example of one of the shows.  Man, that’s a crazy performance!  Look at Beck go!  Anyway, there’s lots of these clips on Hijacked now, so look around, or look at the Updates page.  Or just go to Youtube and type in “Beck live” like I did.

2 Responses to “I Plug ‘Em In My Eyeballs (Hey!)”

  1. MCD says:

    Hey, good idea! (As long as they stay up on YouTube….)

  2. breathmint says:

    awesome idea indeed…. btw if anyone loves those videos as much as me, you should download the mpg i’m sharing on the hub…. i’ve got those 2 plus where it’s at from that set in better quality than those youtube vids…!!


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