I get my kicks on the mellow side…

Hello to ALL BekFRX and BekFRXETTES!

It is an honor to be part of Paper Tiger. I gotta give mad thanks to the Newtron Bomb who’s given me the opportunity to THRUST my Beckish rantings upon your feeble minds as I fiendishly laugh with joy….

OK, so a little bit about me. I’m a 25 Single/White/Male lookin’ for Miss Right…errrr yeahhhhh. I currently reside in the state of Utah where I am attending Brigham Young University. I’ll be graduating this April with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I’m excited to enter the workforce and who knows where a job may take me. Maybe I’ll end up being your next door neighbor (poor you. hehe)

OK, so on to the IMPORTANT stuff. I’ve been listening to Beck since shortly after Odelay dropped. I remember hearing Loser, but Odelay is what hooked me. I have seen Beck live exactly 3 times. Two of those times were just last summer including the INFAMOUS Bonnaroo meetup. I met a bunch of FRX from the Becktabs DC++ hub which I have been apart of for the last few years. The Beckhub forum/hub are where I am known by the moniker “BEBO”.
I’m getting the feeling that the NEXT question on your minds is, “Your last name is Hansen, are you related to Beck?”. Well, I will respond with a question. Will you still read my bloggings and and treat me as Beck family even if I’m not related to him? Just having the same last name should at least get me a few points, right?

As far as where I intend to go with the keys to this blogging car? I’m not totally sure yet. I hope to add some of my personal Beck insights. Oftentimes I have an interesting thought/idea concerning the world of Beck pop into my mind. I suggest them to some of the hubbers who either promptly tell me I’m crazy or high. What can I say, I’m a FRX. We’ll see how it goes.

So for my first post I’d like to get your feedback on a musical question that popped into my mind and is indirectly related to Beck. Why is it that many people tend to pick up and put on mellow/sad/emotional album when they are feeling down? I recall some times when I was down, pulling out Sea Change and really feeling comforted. This record to me is one of the ultimate mood records. The lyrics more than any other Beck record are direct and personal. There’s no beating around the bush, and we can feel/empathize/relate to Beck. I guess what I am wondering though is why not a happy record to PULL us out of the dumps? Why not something happy and fun like an old Presidents of the USA record (I know maybe some of you may hate on these guys but I love nothing more sometimes than having a good time while listening to their stuff)? I’m pretty sure we all have good collections of music with a spectrum of moods/images/thoughts they invoke. In broader terms, do we listen to music to MATCH our moods, or do our moods and to a greater extent our personalities begin to MATCH our music? Have a good one, and until next time…

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  1. Fish says:

    I think it’s we need to feel that someone gets what we’re going through. When the **** hits in fan in my life, I always find myself going towards the same CDs – Sea Change, usually, sometimes others – because they get it. Maybe not the same event happened, but the same idea happened – they messed up, maybe it’s their fault, maybe it’s not their fault, someone else’s, nobody’s at all – and it connects. And once it’s at the ‘yeah, they get what I’m talking about, they know what I feel’ place, you can put on something to pull you out of it… But that’s just me, it might only be that way for me.

  2. Samora says:

    I think it’s all relative to the situation and the person. In other words we listen to music to match our moods AND our moods/personalities can change to match our music.

    Situation: Sometimes it’s just necessary to wallow in an emotion in order to deal with it effectively. Other times it’s just easier to turn on something upbeat and let yourself forget about whatever is bothering you. It depends on how deeply you feel that emotion, etc.

    Person: Personal tastes can lead you to more solemn or upbeat music in general. If you listen to a genre of music that elicits a certain mood more often than others, it seems that it would be within reason to expect you to experience that emotion more often.

  3. monooulin says:

    Personally, I think because we are masoquistics in general, lol. I mean, when I feel down, I can’t listen to a ‘happy’ music, I just can’t stand it.
    To me is “we do listen to music to MATCH our moods”… For example, when I am happy or glad, if I listen Sea Change i.e. I don’t find it sooo sad, I can appreciate the music or instruments there more in detail that when I am in a sad mood…
    But I prefer listen to MV when I am happy of course.
    I think (for me) Mutations is the perfect ‘neutral mood’ album, is happy and melancholic and positive and introspective at the same time.

  4. Newtron Bomb says:

    Personally, I almost never listen to sad music when I’m sad. If I’m feeling down I’ll usually put on something upbeat to try to pull me out of my funk. It doesn’t always work, but listening to sad music usually just makes me feel worse. I guess I’m just a weirdo…

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