I’m A Driver, I’m A Winner

Hello.  I thought I would write a little about the set of Loser songs which recently surfaced.  Basically, an extended version of the 1992 Demo tape showed that, along with the Beck demos we already had, there were nine demos by Loser.  Loser was a band led by Steve Hanft, who went on to direct a number of videos for Beck (and other artists) and a few movies (including Southlander, in which Beck appears).

These nine songs are all very metal/grunge-y, though occasionally they do touch on some country punk blues styles too.  I believe most of the vocals were Steve Hanft, and Beck mainly appears as a musician. 

The nine demos are:

1. “Born Of Whiskey
2. “Dad Come Home
3. “Trash Can
4. “Backwash Mother
5. “Back Of My Hand
6. “Night Birds
7. “Spinning Way Too Fast
8. “Carburetor
9. “Speeding Train

The first two are official titles, the remaining seven are made up for identification purposes.  We know the officiality of the first two songs because of this.  Kill The Moonlight is finally getting an American DVD release.  The soundtrack was released on CD years ago, and had three Beck songs.  But with the DVD-release comes three more songs credited to “Loser (feat. Beck).”  Two of those are “Born Of Whiskey” and “Dad Come Home.”  The third is the instrumental, “Fish Bait.”

Hopefully more info about Loser will continue to arise.  The Kill The Moonlight soundtrack is pretty killer, I’ve had the CD version for years.  I guess I’ll need to get it again now with the three new tracks!

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