New Beck Interview

Over at Pitchfork, there’s a new short interview with Beck. Nothing crazy new in it, but I’ll summarize:

Beck enjoys collaborating with other musicians, and working with Charlotte led him to call up people (like Jamie Lidell and Stephen Malkmus) and offer his help.

Despite all those projects, he’s still working on his own album. He did it way back in 2008, and is still kinda figuring out the songs. (And, of course, he doesn’t have a label. It could end up on his website!) He was planning to call the album Rococo but probably not anymore. He also has a group of songs from before Modern Guilt that was never released. Beck was going to get Thurston Moore to add guitar to some songs, but didn’t have time, so they stuck to Yanni.

And Beck gave 3 songs to Twilight, but they picked the one with Bat For Lashes. (And he gave one to the prior Twilight movie that didn’t get used.) THERE IS NO REASON THESE ARE NOT ON BECK.COM, BECK. Post ’em up, say “Twilight didn’t want these, so here you go!”

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  1. Josh says:

    Dude….the guy is so prolific it’s SICK. For every song we’ve heard, whether it’s an official release or a live song or an old demo, there are probably a DOZEN we have never heard!! He’s a songwriting machine!!

    I had such high hopes when that expanded OFITG came out….I thought the vault was finally being cracked…but NO!!

    My god, he has so much stuff it just boggles the mind and sickens the hardcore fan…I want to hear it all so bad!!

    I’m still dying to hear the unreleased K album….and the 95 pre-Odelay album that was scrapped…and that’s just the stuff we know about. So many sessions and unreleased albums….my head is gonna explode!!

    Come on Beck!!! It’s the information age…just put all that stuff out there, please!! End our pain!!

  2. Kay Randolph says:

    Joel Morales of Dios covers early Beck:

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