Happy 40th Birthday To Beck!

Yes, Beck turns 40 today! That’s a big one!

Happy Beck’s Birthday, everyone.

How are you celebrating?

3 Responses to “Happy 40th Birthday To Beck!”

  1. Readymade83 says:

    I listened to Mellow Gold on my way into work and I may break out my vinyl special edition of Odelay later on.

  2. Natalita says:

    i watched some videos, including Loser from 2003 reading festival, that awesome guitar solo inspired me to continue my guitar lessons)))
    well, Beck is the Best)

  3. Marvel says:

    Beck is of the sign Cancer, just like me. For that I am eternally of the same tribe and feel recognition in his music. Readily I would not admit this… but due to the semi-ambiguity of the interwebs… Cheers!

    P.S. Thanks for the info on the song Ship in a Bottle. I am sad that it is not on my copy of the album.

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