new section: horrible fanfare

Today we’re launching a new section of, called Horrible Fanfare. This is a section in which we share fan-made comics about or related to Beck and his music. It should be pretty fun times.

So far we have a great issue based on Mexico, contributed by the very talented Suedehead. It’s pretty awesome. We also have a little comic that we made, starring Beck and based on Spider-Man’s first appearance ever, in Amazing Fantasy #15. Both comics are available to view online, or to download in CBR and PDF formats.

For any budding artists or writers out there, we are open to more submissions. Drop us a line at

A word on technical issues: there will be some. We wanted to make this new section pretty and fancy and fun, and we’re using some fancy tech to do it. For some of you, this may cause issues. If you run into trouble, please let us know in the comments.

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  1. falskmyntarn says:

    hey whoever is behind this site, let me just say that it is completely and utterly awesome! i’ve been a beck-fan for over 10 years, so finding this was mindblowing. thought i was the only one decomposing becks earliest stuff and thinking about the lyrics. will be spending a lot of time here :-)
    thanks for a great website.

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