Harry Partch

So earlier this year, Radiohead released a song called “Harry Patch (In Memory Of).” It was only sold online, and was about the last surviving British veteran of World War I. Then earlier this month, the dude from the Fiery Furnaces went on an anti-Radiohead rant, which included some nonsense about how stupid it was they wrote a song about Harry Partch. Partch is an experimental composer and musician. He concluded his rant by saying “I’d make fun of Beck too, but I’m afraid of Scientologists.” All for press right? But since nobody gives a shit about the Fiery Furnaces and their lame novelty albums, everyone promptly ignored it. Except Beck, who is showing them who rules around here. He apparently wrote a song about Harry Partch and it will be on beck.com later today. Cool!

2 Responses to “Harry Partch”

  1. bex says:

    I just fell in love with Beck even more. What a hero.

  2. Ryan Rowland says:

    Unrelated question – almostaghost used to have a feature to sort songs by era, by covers, etc.

    Is there still an option to do this that I’m missing??

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