dress bek up in exoskeleton

we just launched a new section called exoskeleton. it’s an online paper doll thing, with lovely art by the lovely ham.

post your creations and any technical problems in the comments.

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  1. Aerobic Victim says:

    Excellent co-production of whiskeyclone and Ham!
    MCD and I had been discussing the necessity of having a Beck dress-up doll months ago.
    Somebody just had to make this project come to life! :))

  2. newt says:

    funnily (?) enough this has actually been sitting on the back-burner since september. big apologies to ham for taking so long, and thanks for being so patient!

  3. Candy says:

    Unfortunately, I am getting a javascript message of “unresponsive script.” :( Could it be a Mac thing? I’m at the office, so I can try it on someone’s PC….

  4. newt says:

    hi candy, i’ve tested on my mac in both safari 4.0 and firefox 3.5 and it worked (though it worked far better in safari). what browser and version are you using? i’ll see if there’s anything i can do to fix it.

  5. Candy says:

    Hey Dave. It finally loaded on my Mac, after I waited through several cycles of it telling me about the unresponsive script. It looks FANTASTIC!!!! I am so impressed with all the detail. The only problem I have now is that I can’t put anything away. When I left it I had a Bek with several hairstyles on his head! ;-)

  6. newt says:

    you can’t put it away because dragging it back doesn’t work? or double-clicking to put away doesn’t work? or both?

  7. Candy says:

    I was trying to double-click it. I didn’t try dragging it. I will try again at home, on my own Mac. Hopefully it will work there.

    I just have to say again how impressed I am with this. All the shirts are there…the hairstyles…the pants….Maybe at some point you could even add a fantasy option, where we get to dress Bek in outfits/hairdos he’s never worn.

  8. Aerobic Victim says:

    I got the same problem as Candy, double-click doesn’t work.
    I’m on a pc, using Firefox 3.5.1.

    And I can’t find the pink pants!!!!! ;)

  9. newt says:

    thanks guys, but ham deserves all the credit. :)

    i just again in a few browsers (safari mac/win, firefox mac/win, ie8/win). ie8 didn’t work at ALL, but i had no problems in the others. is anybody else having this inability to double-click things away?

  10. Candy says:

    I couldn’t try it at home cos my internet is broken, but here at the office, it does work with Safari (though it still takes a long time to load–I think I had to dismiss the script message about seven or eight times). So far so good. Is there a way to get rid of the background once you’ve chosen one? I mean, to make the background blank? I know you can switch backgrounds, but I couldn’t make it go blank. Otherwise everything I’ve tried has worked fine. :-)

  11. Sarah J says:

    AMAZING. I agree with Candy about the fantasy option. Yes yes. I love his under clothes. :)

    I also tried double clicking and that doesn’t work.

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