Charlotte Gainsbourg MRI

The album that Beck produced and cowrote with Charlotte Gainsbourg is called MRI and will be out on November 30. The first single is out in September, called “Master Hand” (or maybe “Master Hands”). Another single, “Heaven Can Wait” is a duet with Beck, and a video was shot for it last week in LA. Other tracks on the album include “In The End” and (maybe) “Paradisco.”

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  1. rosmarin says:

    One more song title surfaced: “Me And Jane Doe”

    “I mean, her parents are Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin! Her new one [due this fall] is produced by Beck, and I think he wrote all the songs, so it’s a great mix of Charlotte’s sophisticated and sexy French pop and Beck’s inside-out production. The album is called MRI — I like the songs ‘Heaven Can Wait’ and ‘Me and Jane Doe.’”

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