New Details on Beck / Sonic Youth RSD 7″

In a recent Matador blog post, there seems to be a hint that the aformentioned Beck / Sonic Youth split 7″ may be released in several different colors, each being split amongst the 2500 total copies. If this is the case, it may make finding each color very difficult given the highly limited nature of this release. We will continue to bring you details as they emerge.


It has been confirmed via the above Matador blog, that there will be an ultra limited amount of colored 7″s distributed randomly around the nation. The colored versions will be individually numbered (inside the sleeve). So if you can… buy two to increase your chances! ;) Happy hunting

– breathmint

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8 Responses to “New Details on Beck / Sonic Youth RSD 7″”

  1. john says:

    sold out in 45 minutes

  2. breathmint says:

    quicker than that in orlando… maybe 10 minutes max.

  3. Fizz says:

    i managed to get one in Nashua, New Hampshire. are the black vinyls numbered or is it just the other colors? i was pretty lucky, there were only 2 in the store and i got the last one.

  4. breathmint says:

    only the color vinyl is numbered.

  5. breathmint says:

    thanks for the update! this is starting to get very interesting.

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