One Foot In The Grave Week

Tomorrow, April 14, is One Foot In The Grave Day!

Hell, let’s make it the whole week.

How much do you love One Foot In The Grave? Are you listening to it now (and why not?)? When did you first hear it? What do you think of the 16 (SIXTEEN!) bonus tracks on the new Deluxe version, out tomorrow, go buy it ASAP? What’s your favorite song on the album? Any old things you wish were on the Deluxe, but aren’t? (I’d die if there was a “Curses.” And what about that old “Static”?) If you could marry One Foot In The Grave, would you? Has a girl ever dangled carrots and made you feel embarrassed to be the fool you know you are?

Share your One Foot stories in the comments!

25 Responses to “One Foot In The Grave Week”

  1. Lucretius says:

    The post had me smile, then laugh, then the asshole reference made me burst out. Well played.

  2. Brian says:

    No im not :( i’m on the phone.
    Guero time.
    SIXTEEN! = Awesome!
    Wish Casio and some We Like Folk… tracks was on it
    If it was a girl, i would. :)

  3. Candy says:

    I’m totally psyched about this. I was trying to hold out till I got the CD, but I just gave in and listened to Teenage Wastebasket. I wish everything recorded during those Olympia sessions was on it. I’m not sure what my favorite song is…Asshole or Hollow Log or Cyanide Breath Mint or Burnt Orange Peel or Forcefield, I guess.

  4. NM says:

    I listened to it a good bit on Easter, and now I’m listening to some of his even older stuff. Personally, I like Asshole (of course), I Get Lonesome, Painted Eyelids and Atmospheric Conditions. I’m excited that Mattress is on there, but I wish Mexico would make an appearance, too. Still, lots of stuff I haven’t heard yet, so it’s exciting!

    Next on my wishlist is Midnite Vultures deluxe. Oh man oh man. That I would marry in a second and grow old with.

  5. Josh says:

    Oh man. Like I said before…I held the CD in my hand and had to put it back….it was KILLING me!!!

    “One Foot” was the album that really turned me on to Beck. I was in high school and was only familiar with the song “Loser”. But my buddy had all the Beck stuff released up to that point. On cassette…remember those?

    I borrowed “One Foot” and the opening chords of “Mighty Good Leader” just blew my ass away. And then Beck starts singing this dusty old folk tune in a voice that sounds like it belongs on the banks of the Mississippi a hundred years ago.

    This is the “slacker” that gave us Loser?? It was like nothing I’d ever heard…it just blew me away, the whole album.

    My favorite was Hollow Log. Short, simple, and heart-breakingly beautiful. (Go to hijacked flavors and look up the February 1st, 2000 concert for my Hollow Log story….)

    Anyway, it always drove me nuts that there were other great songs out there that were never properly released. We are getting “Feel the strain of sorrow never ceasing” and that one track alone makes the new CD a MUST purchase!!

    I’ve always loved “Spirits” and the original “Static”….those are probably my favorite lost gems….agree with “Curses” too…that one was great.

    But if there was ONE set of tunes forever sealed up in the Beck vault that I could rescue, it would definitely be the pre-Odelay album from 95….the sessions that gave us “ramshackle”, “brother” and the newer “feather”……jeeez, can you imagine if there is actually a full disc worth of songs that had that same somber production?

    That’s always been my beck “holy grail”…..the rumored second “K” album was also up there….but my god….we actually HAVE it now!!

    (Of course, if you read the article in the Japanese newspaper….you’d see beck said there were like 30 unreleased tracks and he only put out the best of them….so really there is a THIRD lost “K” record out there!!)

    I’m long-winded….must stop writing now….

  6. mikeC says:

    I enjoy the Q album Static enough that I’m ok with that version. Curses would be awesome. I am really glad Feel the Strain of Sorrow is on there. I wish the old acoustic/harmonica Brother was on something. That’s one of my favorite songs, I dont like the murmurming Jackss Ep version.
    But hey getting all these new songs is a beautiful thing.
    I listened to One Foot everyday for a whole winter in college, I would play Sega golf and listen to it on repeat.
    My favorite song is either Forcefield or Outcome.

  7. mellow says:

    can not wait.

    i wonder how that IAIYM single will sound. i had heard before that the japan cd version, the single was vinyl based for that cd version. maybe this will be diff. regardless i’m very excited.


  8. jackinthebox says:

    OFITG is my second favorite (to Odelay, of course). beautiful album. its one of the reasons i began to explore folk music as a whole.

    hollow log is probably my favorite track, but with 12 unreleased tracks (of the 16 bonus tracks), that may change.

    would have loved to have seen this released as an independent box set with OFITG, SPSM, AWHFBM, golden feelings and all the demos, bsides, etc. from that era. it would make a great set.

  9. Wade! says:

    16 tracks. AWESOME! Favorite song has got to be forcefield. as for marrying a foot in the grave, ill pass…

  10. bex says:

    I am SO psyched for this.

    Being really young, I came into Beck obsession recently. And since I have this weird determination to ONLY buy CDs and never download anything, I haven’t heard anything from OFITG.

    I’ve always thought I was born too late. I wish I could have been around when this was fairly new and… oh man. Stoked. I’m driving to the record shop first thing in the morning. :D

  11. john says:

    it will be interesting to see if stores like wal-mart or target will sell this. but im not even gonna eat breakfast first im going straight out to get it, it’s arguably his best album but is ignored by critics and hipsters who only listen to odelay. im glad to see it put in the spotlight.

  12. john says:

    OK the only thing more exiting than this is something i just discovered 30 minutes ago, an old live performance from ’94@ criminal records in atlanta.
    this seems to have come out of nowhere,whats even cooler is that its a bunch of songs that aren’t even on his demos they seem to be made up for this small show, the only noticeable ones are i get lonesome and john hardy.
    this is especially cool for me because i live in atlanta and visit the store every so often i had no idea that beck ever played there! i guess the few people who saw it back then didn’t care enough to remember.
    go to and scroll down a little look for the blue box with song names in it, i hope they keep it on the site. I’ve already e mialed whiskeyclone about it. what a week

  13. Mike says:

    does anyone know of any retail stores that are carrying this and have it in stock today? i could order a copy on the internet but ive always loved that feeling of running out buying an album the day it is released. cheers. thanks in advance.

  14. koma says:

    Any record store worth its salt will have this today… it’s the day that it’s released in record stores. Support your local.

  15. Ryan R. "runnersdialzero" says:

    “does anyone know of any retail stores that are carrying this and have it in stock today?”

    I live in a very “small town” area, the nearest record stores are 30-45 minutes away. I called about seven places today, none of them had it, even Best Buy. I’m a bit upset because, yeah, I’d rather go out and actually buy it than have to order it.

    OFITG may be my favorite Beck album. It’s rare, to me anyway, that a modern album this sparse still manages to have so much mood to it. I love it.

  16. MaGo says:

    Favorite Song: Outcome or I’ve Seen the Land Beyond

  17. newt says:

    not available in canada it seems, except as an import (which you’ll probably have to special order). has anybody seen it in canadian stores?

  18. Clockwork Peanut says:

    Favourite songs: outcome and forcefield

    I absolutely adore it! Although its not a perfect album (the sort i can play through without skipping a song and loving every second) like Odelay, it feels so intimate, thats all too rare and makes this album something to be cherished.

    Also this deluxe edition is excellent because the bonus tracks and previously unreleased tracks are all on par with the quality of the rest of the album.

    Odelay deluxe on the other hand was spoiled a couple of shit remixes… WHY were these remix’s at the very beginning of the second disc? The UNKLE remix was good but about 7 minutes too long, and the aphex twin remix just doesn’t fit at all. sigh

    OK back on track, should we be expecting a stereopathetic soulmanure deluxe edition? Cause I haven’t got that album yet (the information introduced me to beck and been collecting his back catalogue since) , and am wondering if i should wait…

    On an unrelated note, i finally own “this is my crew”, party times :D

  19. Matt says:

    I always loved One Foot, that and Odelay have been my favorite Beck albums for a while. But I only had One Foot as a poor download up until now. I suspect Beck worked a while on retuning the old tracks, cuz they sound great now!
    But anyways I was hoping for “Casio.” Although it wouldn’t exactly go with the rest of the album…
    Now excuse me, I’m off to find Flight of the Conchords tickets.

  20. j says:

    am i crazy, or is there a real similarity between portions of “your love is weird” and “just like starting over” by john lennon?? anyone…??

  21. di says:

    OFITG and Mutations were always my two favorite beck albums.

    and yes, i would marry it.

  22. Evan says:

    I love the whole album, i particularly love sleeping bag, its in my top 5 beck songs

  23. mikeC says:


    i was hoping, yeah!

  24. danielion says:

    Will wonders ever cease. These are great times, indeed. I’m really jazzed about the K2 album release I got in the email. It’ll be great to see more come. KEEP ROCKIN BECK!

  25. nickster says:

    im listening to it rihgt now. someone get some tabs going on the intenet

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