Deluxe Albums

On the tail of Odeluxe which was pretty cool, though didn’t quite meet the promise (original version of “Debra”? Hello? Where’d that go?), I’d heard rumor of a few other deluxes too. And it appears two are on their way:

First we got MoGuLuxe, which doesn’t appear to have any new music, just new packaging and some videos? Probably some b-sides too I guess. But even more exciting is, One Foot Deluxe, fully expanded to over 30 tracks!

No tracklist yet, but it seems very possible to me that this will include the legendary recordings for the Second K Album Which Never Happened… songs like “Piss On The Door” and “Mattress“. I know that had listened and put the lyrics to 4-5 of those songs up a few years ago, so Beck must have them somewhere. Other than those, I’d imagine the It’s All In Your Mind single is a must, and maybe a few of his other loose tracks too.

*fingers crossed*

10 Responses to “Deluxe Albums”

  1. NearlyMello says:

    Yes! I love his older stuff, and while Modern Guilt is still really good, I’m definitely more excited for One Foot Deluxe. Mattress needs more love, it’s a great song.

  2. l says:

    yea its so cool beks olde stuff rocks hard *snark*

  3. Notorious M.O.D. says:


  4. mellow says:

    i’m ready.

  5. sambeatty says:

    One foot in the grave deluxe?
    I am too happy for words.

  6. Cupnoodle says:

    Change has come to America. (well, Japan)

    :D With more deluxe editions. I hope.

  7. Scooby Doo Wop Pop says:

    Holyyyyyy shit, best beck-related news in…a decade or so.

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